Become a Butter Braid Pastry Dealership Owner!

Business OpportunitySince you made it to this section, you are probably wondering what a Butter Braid pastry dealership is all about. To be honest, it’s really about two parties (a dealer and Country Maid, Inc.) working together to help each other achieve personal and professional goals.

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Continuing on with the dealership… It is truly a life-changing opportunity if you treat it as one. It’s a chance to start-up, operate, and see the rewards (much more than financial) of owning your own business.

By becoming a Butter Braid pastry dealer, you can help and empower kids, families and communities who truly need and appreciate your assistance in raising funds. You will also have the potential to help support your family financially and the flexibility of self employment to give them more of your time and involve them in your daily business activities.

It will take hard work and dedication, but you will get exactly out of your business as what you put into it! So, the more effort you provide, the greater your rewards will be. With drive, focus, and passion for people, independent Butter Braid fundraising dealerships across the country have proven to be an honorable way to achieve your goals.

Although a Butter Braid pastry dealership is certainly attractive, it is not a business for everyone. Country Maid focuses on the creation of win-win relationships with those who are willing to put the time and effort in to make it work. If you think that you would be a good candidate for owning an independent Fundraising Dealership, we invite you to read further!