Butter Braid® Pastry Rolls

If you love the Butter Braid® braided pastries, we know you’ll enjoy our pastry rolls!

It’s our passion to put only the best fundraising products in your hands.

  • Made with the same unique dough as the Butter Braid® braided pastries

  • Homemade appearance and taste

  • Quality ingredients; flour, sugar, and butter

  • Made in small town Iowa

  • You make a difference through each pastry roll

Enjoy sharing your pastry rolls during breakfast, brunch or dessert!

Butter Braid® pastry rolls are only available through fundraisers in limited areas. Please continue to support your local schools and community organizations.

Contact your local Butter Braid® pastry dealer to see what Butter Braid® products are available near you!

Butter Braid® pastry roll flavor offerings

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Apple Cinnamon




Maple Walnut


Baking Instructions
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