Dealership Spotlight: Integrity Fundraising

on February 24, 2020

A throwback to Integrity Fundraising circa 2008.

It’s time for February’s “Dealership Spotlight,” and this month we’ll be introducing you to Integrity Fundraising. Integrity Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® family in 1997, and it has been one of the premier fundraising organization to Colorado communities ever since. From the very beginning, Integrity Fundraising distinguished itself with its superior customer service and dedication to exceeding expectations.

Integrity Fundraising, like so many of our dealerships, is a family-owned business. Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, it is still owned and run by the same people who started it in 1997. Keith and Kim Wagner were both working other jobs when they found out they were expecting their first child. Kim’s parents, Al and Mary Hooyman, excitedly moved to Colorado shortly after to be closer to their grandchild. The Wagners were desperately looking to make some changes regarding their careers during this time when Keith’s dad happened across the perfect solution. Keith’s dad was a TWA (Trans World Airline) pilot, and he ended up flying with Marlyn Moen, the owner of Show Me Dough Fundraising. Moen mentioned that Country Maid, Inc. was looking for someone to run a dealership in the Denver area. Soon after hearing this, Kim and Keith met with Moen to sign the paperwork and begin Integrity Fundraising along with Al and Mary. Neither family had any experience with fundraising or sales, but with Show Me Dough’s expert guidance they were able to build a very successful fundraising dealership.

Keith, Kim, Mary, and Al founded their business on the fundamental idea that customers should be treated as friends. Over the years, they have never wavered from their mission of providing the best customer service in the business. Maintaining this high standard hasn’t always been easy, and they certainly have some interesting stories to share. One time, to make a delivery, their driver Wayne had to take the famous “Shelf Road” shortcut from Canon City to Victor. The group he was delivering to was shocked he was able to make it without incident. As you can see in the video, it’s definitely an “adventurous” route.

On another delivery to the mountains, avalanches had shut down the highway blocking Keith from his destination. Keith drove to a local Costco and begged them to let him store the five carts of Butter Braid pastries he had in their freezer for the night. Thankfully, they were more than happy to help, and the next morning Keith was able to get back on the road. It just goes to show that the people of Integrity Fundraising always go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers, no matter what.

The overwhelming support Integrity Fundraising gives to its customers, suppliers, and team is how so many of its groups have been able to reach their fundraising goals. The dealership has done fundraisers for elementary schools, volleyball teams, soccer leagues, marching bands, swim teams, overseas missions, and so many more. Through the years, Integrity Fundraising has helped raise over $31 million for these local groups.

Integrity Fundraising states on its website that their team treats customers the way they would want to be treated, and that’s exactly what they do. But you don’t have to take our word for it, just read the many 5-star reviews they have from customers. Like this one from Laura of Castle Rock, CO, “If you are looking for a reputable company to work with on a business fundraiser, Integrity Fundraising is a great choice….They are a wonderful company to work with and their product is delicious…Equally as delicious as the product is the professionalism and joy of working with such a great company.”

We have been very blessed to have Integrity Fundraising as a partner for the last two decades and are excited for the future. If you are looking to run a fundraiser in Colorado, be sure to get in touch with Integrity Fundraising. Kim, Keith, Al, Mary and their amazing sales team will do everything they can to make your fundraiser a success, and they will always serve you with integrity.

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