Dealership Spotlight: Cajun Fundraising

on August 21, 2020

August has arrived and with it comes a new “Dealership Spotlight” post. This month we’re featuring a dealership that is run by the biggest fundraising lover of all time. Cajun Fundraising, owned by Lisa Hollier, joined the Butter Braid® fundraising team just two years ago. In those two years, Lisa has gone above and beyond in helping kids achieve their goals by sharing her love of fundraising.


Growing up, Lisa loved to fundraise. She was always so excited to get those order forms and couldn’t wait to work toward reaching her personal fundraising goal: being the top seller. As she grew up, Lisa never lost that love for fundraising. When she met Kerri Linder, owner of Diamond Fundraising, it renewed her passion. For years, Lisa admired the work Kerri was doing with her dealership and decided she wanted to do the same thing. So, Lisa opened Cajun Fundraising in Opelousas, LA in 2018. After all, what better opportunity is there as an adult to get involved in fundraising than by providing the program and product people need to raise money?

Why Lisa Loves Fundraising

Now, Lisa uses her love for fundraising to help others. She believes fundraising is the tool that allows groups to participate in life changing experiences and opportunities, ones they may not have otherwise had due to financial constraints. When asked why she loves this business, Lisa said, “I love being able to help those in my area fulfill their needs and being able to share our delicious product is just the icing on the pastry!” Lisa has enjoyed being a part of the Butter Braid fundraising team. Opening Cajun Fundraising has allowed her to meet so many amazing people.

Fundraising Groups

Cajun Fundraising has done a lot to help groups in the Louisiana area. Lisa always does whatever it takes to make sure her groups reach their fundraising goals because she loves seeing how excited they get when the financial burden is lifted from their shoulders. With the help of Cajun Fundraising, groups have raised thousands of dollars for mission trips, conferences, food banks, sports teams, animal rescues, and so much more.

The Butter Braid brand is fortunate to have someone as passionate as Lisa Hollier on our team. If you are in the Louisiana area and want to spice up your fundraiser, contact Cajun Fundraising today. Soon your group will love fundraising almost as much as Lisa does.

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Country Maid Cares 2020 Giving Campaign

on August 12, 2020

West Bend, IA (August 08, 2020)Country Maid, Inc has been supporting non-profit organizations for over 25 years. Now, we are furthering our mission of “helping others help themselves” by creating Country Maid Cares, our charitable giving program. With this new program, we can continue to give back, raise awareness, and encourage support for local causes.

In 2020, our charitable giving efforts are focusing on the importance of food and family. This year the campaign will support local food banks with two different fundraising efforts. These two efforts include the Country Maid cookbook and a local food drive.

The Flavor of Family cookbook features more than 200 heirloom recipes passed down through the generations. It is written by the Country Maid family, including employees and dealers from all around the country. Proceeds will be donated to local food banks.

In America, six out of seven children don’t get the food they need in the summer because they don’t have access to critical food programs offered by their schools. Our goal for the food drive is to help stock the pantries with enough food to feed 210 households at least one meal.

“Our communities are going through a lot right now with everything that’s happening in the world. Families may be struggling to get the food they need,” said Katelyn Helgevold, Marketing Project Coordinator at Country Maid and member of the Country Maid Cares committee. “Now more than ever we need our community to come together and give their support to those in need.”

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About Country Maid

Country Maid, Inc., a 100% employee-owned company, manufactures the “famous” Butter Braid® pastry. Available only through fundraisers, our fundraising products help non-profit groups raise funds for various causes. Country Maid, together with its national network of dealerships, has helped thousands of fundraising groups across the nation raise over $245 million dollars for hundreds of thousands of worthy causes. Employing approximately 70 workers from 20 northwest Iowa communities, Country Maid continues to grow and live out the mission of “Helping Others Help Themselves.”

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