Dealership Spotlight: Diamond Fundraising

on February 18, 2022

February is here which means it’s time for a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature. This month the spotlight is on Diamond Fundraising. Diamond Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising family almost ten years ago. From the very beginning, the owner of Diamond Fundraising has been providing the fundraising groups of north Texas with simple programs and delicious pastries. Now, she’s preparing for another decade of guiding her groups down the path toward fundraising success.


Kerri Linder started her journey with Butter Braid Fundraising when she worked for another fundraising dealership. All Star Fundraising, as part of their territory, serves the communities of Louisiana and East Texas. This is the area Kerri helped cover. She was with All Star Fundraising for about four years when her husband’s job transferred him out of Louisiana. Kerri knew she didn’t want to leave the Butter Braid Fundraising family, so she decided to start her own dealership in their new home of Royse City, TX. Diamond Fundraising opened its doors in August 2012, serving the North Texas community.

Changes to the Dealership

Today, Kerri still runs the business almost entirely on her own. She does get plenty of support from her husband, Charles, who helps with logistics and deliveries. Since 2012, Kerri has greatly expanded her programs to better serve local fundraising groups. One of the biggest changes she’s made has been the addition of the online store to her programs.

This new fundraising option allows sellers to promote their own, personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet. As a bonus, all deliveries are prepacked and organized by seller to keep the fundraising process as easy as possible. Groups really enjoy having these great, new features to support them in their fundraising efforts, and Kerri is very glad to have it as part of her fundraising programs.

Fundraising Groups

Kerri enjoys her time working with local kids and helping them experience things they normally wouldn’t be able to if it wasn’t for fundraising. Whether it’s schools, clubs, daycares, sports groups, or volunteer organizations, Kerri considers herself lucky to be able to give back to her community. Over the years, Diamond Fundraising has helped raise over $1 million for local causes.

Diamond Fundraising has been a great addition to the Butter Braid Fundraising family, and we are very thankful to have had them with us for the last ten years. We hope everyone will join us in congratulating Kerry, Charles, and Diamond Fundraising for their decade of service to their community. If you’re looking to run a fundraiser in the north Texas area, reach out to Kerri Linder today! She will be there with you every step of the fundraising process, so you will be on the fast track to meeting your goals and completing your most successful fundraiser yet.

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Who Should You Sell To? Tips to Find Supporters for Your Fundraiser

on February 4, 2022

Are you getting ready to kick off another year of fundraising for your group? When you oversee a fundraiser, you have a lot to prepare for. You help plan the kickoff meeting, create the budget, manage volunteers, and organize delivery day. You make sure everyone has all the information they need to go out and start working on their goals.

While you’re busy planning for your next event, don’t forget to prepare your sellers for one of the trickiest parts of fundraising: selling. Have your sellers had a hard time finding people to support them in the past? Have you had some difficulties getting new supporters involved in your organization’s annual fundraiser? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to help you and your sellers find supporters for your next fundraiser.

  1. Make a list of family and friends

Typically, sellers are going to be more successful getting people they know to buy from them than people they don’t. So, have a brainstorming session where your sellers can come up with a list of family and friends who would love to support their fundraiser. To help get them started, we’ve created a worksheet to guide your sellers through the process of making a great sales list. Once they have their ideas down, they’ll be on their way to reaching their fundraising goals in no time.

Be sure to save this document to use in your next fundraiser.

  1. Get information

There are plenty of people throughout the community who would be glad to support your group. Sellers should be encouraged to ask their dentist, coaches, neighbors, congregation, or even their parents’ coworkers to consider purchasing from their fundraiser. Remind your sellers to carry their order form and program information with them wherever they go, so they’ll never miss an opportunity to make a sale.

If your fundraising program utilizes an online store, encourage your sellers to share their unique link through multiple channels, so everyone knows there’s a fundraiser to purchase from. With out online store, sellers can share their link through social media, email, and text.

  1. Encourage everyone to work together

If some members of your group are friends with other sellers in their neighborhood who are selling the same items, get them together to map out a territory for each kid to avoid flooding neighbors with multiple requests. Do the same thing with shared teachers, coaches, club leaders, etc.

Another option is to have the sellers team up and go around the neighborhood together, with a parent, and split the sales evenly. Whichever option you choose, the important thing is to encourage your sellers to get out in the community without overwhelming potential supporters.

  1. Have sellers keep people updated on their progress

If a seller has a goal of selling 20 items and they’ve sold 15, they should tell people that. They or their parents can post about how close they are to their goal on social media or include it in their sales pitch. They may find someone who will buy those last 5 items because they want to help them out.

Always Fundraise the Safe Way

When running any fundraiser, safety is always the most important factor. There’s nothing more valuable than the wellbeing of your sellers. Before you send your group out to start selling, emphasize these important safety rules:

  • Don’t ever sell alone.
  • Do not go inside someone’s house, regardless of how well you know them.
  • Don’t sell after dark.
  • Avoid carrying cash when you’re selling. Give it to a parent to hold onto until it’s time to turn it in.

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