24/7 MOMS Christmas Bash Review

24/7 MOMS Christmas Bash Review

on November 12, 2021

by 24/7 MOMS

The Butter Braid® brand is all about family. Through our pastries, we celebrate togetherness and support future generations of hungry dream chasers. Years ago, we began baking pastries in our kitchen to bring in extra money for our family. What started as a side job grew and grew; what started as love for family and love of baking grew to become the Butter Braid brand. 

After years of selling our pastries in stores around town, we decided to make Butter Braid Pastries a fundraising-only product. This way, we could “Share the Good” that Butter Braid Pastries has brought us with communities all around the country.

Having the Butter Braid Pastry be a fundraising-only product is part of what makes it so special. With the help of our best-in-class network of dealers, we have helped many groups raise money for thousands of great causes throughout the years. Our fundraisers are all about three things: great experience, simple programs, and proven products. Fundraisers are guaranteed to be a success with Butter Braid Pastries.

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