3 Tips to A Successful Fundraising Kick Off

3 Tips to A Successful Fundraising Kick Off

on October 7, 2019

A parent meeting with sellers is key! It’s crucial they understand the importance of the fundraiser. What the money is going towards? Why is it necessary? What impact will it have on their child? Explaining these questions are crucial to getting parents and kids more involved in the fundraising process. That is why a successful fundraising kick off event is so important.

  1. Set Event Details

Pick a time that is convenient for your parents and students, usually evenings work best. Pick a meeting place with function, like a pizzeria, where parents can participate while eating dinner.

  1. Promote the Meeting

Get the word out in as many ways as possible: Facebook, school email list, parent letter, school message sign, and/or website announcements. Make sure to explain the benefits of parents attending the event.

  1. Kick Off Event

Talk about the purpose of your fundraiser. Communicate the item or monetary goal and set clear expectations. Distribute a timeline of the fundraiser, including important dates and milestones. Hand out sales materials including parent letters, order forms, etc.

Set up your fundraising kick off event today and use these tips to make it successful!

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