4 Simple Ways To Evaluate Your Fundraiser

4 Simple Ways To Evaluate Your Fundraiser

on October 7, 2019

You’ve met your goal and you think “success.” But is it true? How do you know you couldn’t have raised more?

An important step in fundraising is to evaluate your fundraiser. Yes, you raised the money, but what about volunteer morale, customer satisfaction and the whole fundraiser process. This is what will impact you on your next fundraiser.

Here are four simple ways to evaluate your fundraiser:

  1. Have a plan to get feedback before you start

Build it into the planning stages so it everyone knows you will be asking for this ahead of time and it will not be viewed as extra work at the end.

  1. Ask Everyone

Make an effort to hear from everyone involved: volunteers, students, supporters, teachers, etc. This will help you find a specific problem and you will be able to find areas of improvement. Ask questions such as, “what worked?”, “what didn’t?”, and “what would you change?”. This will help you get constructive feedback, verses a list of complaints or compliments.

  1. Make It Easy

Make it quick. For example, deliver a survey to your email list. Make a round of phone calls to volunteers. Place a comment card with every order. Send a feedback form home with a thank you note to parents.

  1. Give an Incentive

A good way to break through the “I’m too busy” excuse for not returning the forms is to offer an incentive. Such as: a discount at local restaurant or free product from fundraiser. Enter everyone’s name into a drawing and draw one name. Constructive feedback on your fundraising program can help boost morale, not just correct flaws. Here is to a great fundraiser!

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