How to Get Parents Involved in Fundraising

on May 7, 2021

Fundraising is essential for many local organizations. It’s how they raise funds for supplies, activities, and other necessary functions. However, schools and clubs can’t do it alone. The success of a group’s fundraiser often depends on the support of the parents. If you can get parents involved in the fundraising process, you have a much higher chance of reaching your goals.

Yet, many parents are hesitant to get involved. They often don’t have a lot of extra time to commit to fundraising; parents already have a lot of responsibilities between work and home. However, they understand that fundraising is necessary for their kids to get the most out of school and activities. If you want to get more parents fundraising, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with 5 easy ways to get busy parents involved in the fundraising process.

  1. Get the kids excited

Parents want to support their children. If they see their child is passionate about something, they’re more likely to get on board. Get your students or club members excited about your fundraiser and parents will follow. Just be sure to keep that enthusiasm up throughout the whole fundraising process. Otherwise, as the kids’ excitement fades so will the parents’.

Tip: If you need ideas on how to get kids excited about fundraising, check out our blog post: Fun, Cost-Effective Incentives to Get Kids More Involved in Fundraising.

  1. Make it as easy as possible

The more straightforward a fundraiser is, the more likely parents will want to get involved. This means you need to be clear and specific about your fundraising plan upfront. The best way to do this is to send out an informational letter as early as possible. Outline the purpose of the fundraiser, your goals, how the kids will benefit, what the fundraiser will be, and what type of support is required. End the letter by asking for help from all parents by inviting them to get involved. By telling them exactly what you need and giving them plenty of time to plan, parents are more likely to be able to fit fundraising into their schedule.  

  1. Communicate using multiple mediums

Parents are busy people, so it’s easy for them to miss some communications. Especially if those communications are coming to them from a channel where they don’t spend a lot of time. Instead of using only one method to communicate, promote your fundraiser and volunteer opportunities through a variety of mediums such as social media, text messages, phone calls, and emails. Make a solid effort to meet the parents where they already spend their time.

  1. Offer a variety of roles

Not every parent will fit into the same fundraising role. By asking for help in a variety of positions, you can increase the number of parents that are able to help. Here are a few examples of different roles parents can take:

  • Organization: Some parents may prefer doing behind-the-scenes work. Planning the kick-off event or organizing delivery day are great opportunities for detail-oriented parents to get involved. This will also help you divide up the work of planning the bigger parts of your fundraising event.
  • Volunteering: Other parents may want to take a more hands-on role. No matter what kind of fundraiser you’re hosting, volunteers can make everything easier. They can help by handing out the product on delivery day, collecting order forms, or counting the money collected.
  • Promotion: Finally, parents that need a quicker and easier way to get involved can help boost your fundraiser. Whether this be hanging flyers or posting about the event on social media, parents can help get the word out to otherwise hard-to-reach audiences.
  1. Show your appreciation

Because parents are so busy, they like to know that the time and effort they give is being appreciated. It can be as easy as sending a letter, making a phone call, or making an announcement at your next PTO meeting. And you don’t have to wait until the fundraiser is over to do so! Thank the parents who are giving you a hand before, during, and after your fundraiser. When people feel appreciated, they will do more for you and your fundraiser.

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Dealership Spotlight: Kittelson Marketing Company

on April 23, 2021

At the Butter Braid® brand, we believe it’s important to celebrate the important milestones and achievements of our fundraising family. That’s exactly what April’s “Dealership Spotlight” post is all about. This month we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Kittelson Marketing Company and their accomplishments throughout the years. Since the beginning, Kittelson Marketing Company has been providing quality products and outstanding customer service, striving to make fundraising as easy as possible for all their groups.


Before starting Kittelson Marketing Company, Eric Kittelson spent years working in the grocery business. Then, one day, he was presented with the opportunity to start his own Butter Braid Pastry dealership. At the time, his wife, Paula, was pregnant with their first child. There would be a lot of challenges having a new baby and starting a business, so they weren’t sure if it was the right time to set out on their own. In the end, Paula and Eric decided they couldn’t let the opportunity pass. They hoped that, with a lot of hard work and long hours, they would have more family time in the end. So, on April 6, 1996, Eric Kittelson opened Kittelson Marketing company in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Changes to the Dealership

A lot has changed in 25 years. In the beginning, Eric was taking on the bulk of the work and Paula helping when she could. Paula was a computer programmer, so she used her skills to make running certain parts of the business a little easier. In 2003, Paula officially joined the business, and her and Eric have worked side-by-side ever since. Scott Shatto started working with the Kittelsons around the same time, helping in the warehouse and packing orders. In 2006, he joined the business full time and has become an integral part of the operation.

During that time, the Kittelsons were blessed with 2 sons who grew up in the family business. When they were little, they would sweep floors and clean tables between packing orders. Now, Connor is working at Kittelson Marketing Company, and Tyler helps in the warehouse when he is home from college.

The business has continued to grow by leaps and bounds since 1996. Originally, Eric rented cold storage from a local company and packed orders for deliveries where he could find space. The first delivery vehicle he had was an old pick-up truck. Kittelson Marketing Company has since expanded their operation. Now, they have 3 vans with freezer units for delivery and, in 2013, purchased their own building which housed their office and warehouse with a 1100 square foot freezer.

Fundraising Groups

Owning Kittelson Marketing Company has been an exciting 25-year journey for Eric and Paula. For them, it’s been a blessing to work with so many wonderful people and help them achieve their goals. Even after two decades in the fundraising business, the Kittelson Marketing team is still passionate about helping others raise funds for their great causes. 

The Kittelson Marketing team is devoted to helping every group they work with raise the funds they need. It doesn’t matter if the group has one seller or a thousand sellers, Kittelson Marketing Company is there to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful. Since 1996, they have worked with schools, churches, sports teams, dance and gymnastic studios, scout groups, and 4-H clubs. With their 25 years in the fundraising industry, Kittelson Marketing company has helped their groups raise over $18 million.

Groups love the personal touch provided by Kittelson Marketing Company. They appreciate that the team treats every group as unique and focuses on their specific needs and fundraising goals. Michelle, a local group leader, details her experience working with the dealership, “I have been doing fundraisers for many years, and this fundraiser was, by far, the best experience I’ve ever had! The product is great and easy to sell. The process of ordering and picking up is set up to run so smoothly. Kittelson Marketing Company is fantastic to work with!”

Fundraising Stories

After so many years in the business, the Kittelson family has collected their fair share of interesting stories. In fact, Eric and Paula say they often wished they would have kept a journal to document some of the funnier experiences they’ve had. In the past, the team has encountered a rogue pig at a delivery, had an emu looking in the window of their delivery van, seen bald eagles and black bears, and gotten stuck in a customer’s front yard. Eric says that, in this line of work, you never know what each day will bring. “The one thing we do know is that we are so glad we took the leap over 25 years ago,” Eric explains. “Our business has brought us so much joy, and we got the extra time with family that we hoped for all those years ago.”

We hope everyone will join us in congratulating Kittelson Marketing Company on 25 years of service. The Butter Braid Fundraising family would like to thank everyone at Kittelson for 25 years of memories, milestones, and exceptional service. Eric and his team are looking forward to helping many more groups in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area for years to come. Let them use their many years of experience to help your group reach fundraising success.

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Tips to Make Your Fundraising Delivery Day a Breeze

on April 9, 2021

Being prepared for your fundraiser’s delivery day is essential to the fundraising process. Deliveries for fundraisers can be complex, especially if your school or group sold a large quantity of items. Organizing a smooth fundraising delivery day requires advanced planning and coordination. Here are some things you can do to help ensure delivery day for your school or group goes off without a hitch.

  1. Pick a program with a delivery plan that fits your needs

When looking for a fundraising program for your school or group, consider how the product will be delivered. The most important goal for delivery day is to distribute orders as soon as possible; this is especially critical with frozen food fundraisers where the product needs to be kept frozen. Accomplishing this goal requires knowing when the order will be delivered and how it will be distributed. Therefore, you need to ask yourself some important questions:

  • How much space will be available for short-term storage?
  • Will the storage area be suitable for temperature-controlled items?
  • Will volunteers be available to help at pick up?
  • How prompt will students/parents be about picking up orders?

Based on the answers to these questions, you’ll want to consider picking a program that meets your delivery needs.

  1. Communicate with parents

It’s vital that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the delivery process. Send out a communication so parents know what to expect and what to do on delivery day. You want them to be well informed about your delivery plan, so include details like what day and time pick up is, where they’ll need to go to pick up orders, and how they’ll need to address any missing or damaged items. And, if you’re selling frozen items, remind sellers and their parents to have an appropriate storage option ready or to be prepared to deliver to customers quickly. Effective communication helps to limit the number of unclaimed boxes on delivery day which will make your life much easier.

  1. Decide on your storage options

Plan ahead and have temporary storage space available for those students or parents who are unable to pick up their order on delivery day. You will have different storage requirements depending on what kind of fundraiser you run. Frozen foods will require freezer space, non-frozen foods will require temperature-controlled storage, and gift items or discount cards require minimal storage where temperature is not an issue.

  1. Get support from volunteers

Don’t think you have to handle everything by yourself. Sorting and distributing boxes are big jobs, especially for large orders. Recruit reliable volunteers to help you on delivery day as soon as you possibly can. The sooner you have people in place and informed about your delivery plan, the smoother delivery day will be. Volunteers can help you organize order forms, prepare tables, and distribute orders. The more people you have helping you, the easier delivery day will be.

Delivery day is a critical part of the fundraising process, and its success can help ensure the success of your overall fundraiser. Just remember, no matter how much you plan, mistakes can happen. The best thing you can do is adjust your delivery plan accordingly and rely on the help of your fundraising partner. Hopefully, these tips will help ensure your next fundraising delivery day runs smoothly.

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Dealership Spotlight: Legacy Fundraising Partners

on March 19, 2021

It’s a new month and with a new month comes a new “Dealer Spotlight” post. This month we are celebrating the achievements of Legacy Fundraising Partners while looking back on their journey with the Butter Braid® brand. Since joining the Butter Braid fundraising team almost 15 years ago, Legacy Fundraising Partners has distinguished itself by providing superior service and support to all their fundraising groups.


Legacy Fundraising Partners is owned and operated by Tim Bell. Back in the early 2000s, Tim began looking for a new job, one that would allow him to provide for his family and be there for his wife and kids. See, Tim always goes above and beyond to help others. Whether it be his own family, his friends, or total strangers, Tim offers his support to the people around him. So, when the opportunity to open a Butter Braid pastry fundraising dealership came up, Tim knew it was the perfect career choice for him. Now, he’d be able to support his family and support the dreams of local groups in his community. These goals would become the foundation of Legacy Fundraising Partners which opened in 2006 in Apex, North Carolina.

Changes to the Dealership

Over the years, as his kids grew up and moved away, Tim’s goals for the business began to change. However, the foundation of his business has remained the same: to provide the best support possible to the people who need it. In fact, Tim says the biggest change he’s made to his dealership has been himself. He constantly strives to improve and never passes up an opportunity to learn. “I have found that if I don’t grow then the dealership can’t grow,” Tim explained. “I have to constantly adapt; new systems, new ideas, new ways are just a part of life. There’s this expression I heard once that’s really stuck with me, ‘If you are not in, then you are in the way.’ So, I consistently make sure to ask myself, ‘Are you in or in the way?’”

Fundraising Groups

Tim’s dedication to helping others is how Legacy Fundraising Partners has been able to help so many groups reach fundraising success. The dealership has worked with groups to raise money for uniforms, school trips, sports equipment, medical bills, relief funds, scholarship funds, and so much more. As of 2020, Legacy Fundraising Partners has helped local groups raise over $1 million.

Sellers and group leaders love the unwavering support they receive when they work with Legacy Fundraising Partners. It makes the fundraising process so simple and easy. Angie M., a local group leader, raves about her experience with Legacy Fundraising Partners, “We did a last-minute Butter Braid pastry fundraiser recently to help a local veteran’s group. Legacy Fundraising Partners was more than willing to help accommodate us and quickly do a fundraiser. The Butter Braid pastries were definitely the star of the fundraiser, but Tim and his team also did a great job, making the process fun and enjoyable!”

Fundraising Stories

After running fundraisers for 14 years, Tim has compiled some pretty funny stories and mishaps. Once, during pick-up for a school fundraiser, Tim was handing out orders to students when one student came up to him and said he had the wrong order. A little perplexed, Tim asked the student his name. The student replied, “Wong.” Tim said, “I understand it is the wrong package. I just need to know your name, so I know what order you are looking to pick up.” The student clarified, “No, I’m here for the Wong package.” Well, this is when he learned there were two Wongs in the school, and Wong took the wrong Wong order. The teacher overheard this exchange and said, “Well, two Wongs don’t make a right.” That certainly got a chuckle out of everyone! Now, even though it’s about a mistake, it’s one of Tim’s favorite stories to tell.

Legacy Fundraising Partners has been a great dealership to work with these past 14 years, and we are very fortunate to have them as part of the Butter Braid fundraising team. If you’re in the North Carolina area and want to set up a fundraiser, give Tim Bell a call today! His superior service and dedication to helping others will have you on the fast track to fundraising success. Trust us, you can’t go “wrong” with Legacy Fundraising Partners.

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Tales From a Southern Mom: Butter Braid® Pastry Review

on March 12, 2021

by Tales from a Southern Mom

So, school has started or maybe going to start this next week and your kids do not want to get out of bed. I have the solution, Butter Braid® Pastries! This is a fabulous pastry that you can take from your freezer the night before and put it in the pan, wait for it to rise and bake it the next morning. When your family smells this baking they will be running out of their rooms to get their share!

The people at the Butter Braid brand were so wonderful and sent me:

  • Strawberry & Cream Cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Double Chocolate
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry & Cream Cheese

All of them are so good and when school time comes your kids are wide awake and ready to go. I know around here no matter what it is if they smell something baking they are all coming into the kitchen to see what is going on.

I like how you can have the Butter Braid Pastries in the freezer, and if you get wind someone is coming from dinner, you can take it out and let it thaw and be ready to bake after your dinner. What a treat!

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Benefits of Online Fundraising

on March 5, 2021

We are living in a digitally led era where technology is becoming an integral part of all areas of life. Recently, we’ve seen the rise of technological advancements in the fundraising industry. Online fundraising has become a favorite option for many groups. When coupled with traditional paper fundraisers, online fundraising has had great success with groups all around the country. In fact, online fundraising comes with many advantages that you may not see with traditional fundraising methods. Here’s some benefits of online fundraising that will help you decide if running a virtual fundraiser is right for your group.

  1. Increases visibility and shareability

No matter what you do, you can’t meet with everyone in your community. Online selling offers an easier way to reach out to people in your area as well as family and friends who live out of town. Many fundraising companies make it easy for you to share your online store with supporters via social media, email, or text! Now, everyone you know can support you and your cause.

  1. Higher seller averages

With online fundraising, we often see an increase in sales. Groups that are selling online and in person are raising more money because they are able to reach more people. When it comes to our fundraisers, those who ran a paper and online fundraiser increased their sales by 63%.  

  1. Simple and convenient

The benefits of online fundraising don’t stop there. With a single click, family and friends can easily purchase from your online store and pay with a credit card or mobile wallet. Now, they don’t have to wait until they see you to buy or mail you a check. Also, making it easier to buy means more people are likely to donate. At the Butter Braid® brand, we’ve found that customers spend 60% more online than they do with paper order forms.

  1. Easier to manage

When you fundraise online, you can easily monitor your group’s progress in real time. You can keep track of how close you are to reaching your goal. Online ordering also means you don’t have to spend time tallying up order forms or keeping track of cash and checks. Many online fundraising platforms have easy order entry which saves time. This means you can focus more of your efforts on encouraging your group and creating awareness of the event in your community.

Now that you know the benefits of online fundraising, we hope you consider adding it to your future fundraising plans. Online fundraising is a great option for schools and organizations that want to raise funds and keep their sellers safe every step of the way. With the new online fundraising programs, your group may go above and beyond all of their fundraising goals.

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Dealership Spotlight: BB West Fundraising

on February 19, 2021

For February’s “Dealership Spotlight” feature, we want to put the spotlight on a dealership that never misses an opportunity to give back. BB West Fundraising joined our family in 1996. From the beginning, the team at BB West Fundraising has been devoted to “sharing the good” and helping people in their local communities. No cause is too big or too small because, for this dealership, serving others is what brings them the greatest joy.


Susan Pack has always had a generous spirit. She has continually done what she can to help others all her life. From canned food drives to sending letters to the elderly, her and her family enjoys doing what they can to support local charities. Susan wanted to do more.

In 1996, Susan was a bored mom. She was looking for a new way to occupy her time. Something that would allow her to have the same schedule as her kids, so she could be home when they get done with school. Susan had already heard of Butter Braid® pastries by this time and had fallen in love with the delicious treats. When she learned there was an opportunity to open a Butter Braid fundraising dealership in her area, Susan jumped at the chance. Not only would she get to make a little money and be there for her family, but she’d also get to help schools and organizations in her community raise funds for deserving causes. And, for Susan, helping others is the greatest opportunity of all, so she wasted no time in opening her dealership in Elk Grove, CA.

Changes to the Dealership

Susan opened the dealership on her own in 1996. In the beginning, she was doing everything by herself, from sales to delivery. Now, BB West Fundraising has become a true family business. Her husband, Kent, joined Susan as an owner of the dealership, and their daughters joined the sales team. Susan is so grateful to have her family working beside her, saying it’s a great experience to do what you love with the people you love.

Fundraising Groups

The Pack family finds peace and joy working with those that give their time to help others. Whether it is teachers, coaches, or volunteers, Susan and Kent consider themselves lucky to be able to give back to these pillars of support. Over the years, BB West Fundraising has helped raise over $5 million for schools, charities, sports organizations, and special causes.

Susan and her family plan to continue “sharing the good” and spreading joy through their fundraisers. She says that it has been a privilege to work with the Butter Braid brand and its team of people who possess such great integrity, morals, and values. For all of us at the Butter Braid brand, it has been a privilege to work with such a giving family for all of these years, and we hope you get a chance to experience working with them, too. The team at BB West Fundraising is always ready to help, and they’ll be there for you and your group when you need them.

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Heart Cinnamon Pastry Rolls

on February 5, 2021

Share the good on Valentine’s Day by giving the ones you love a gift from the heart. The makers of the Butter Braid® pastries are here to help you bake up something special this year. These heart-shaped treats are made from Butter Braid brand cinnamon pastry rolls and feature our famous cream cheese icing. Now, you just have to decide how you want to decorate them!

Try them for yourself today. Follow the detailed baking instructions for this recipe below, and you will have the perfect heart cinnamon pastry rolls to share with your valentine.

  • 1 pkg. Butter Braid brand Cinnamon Pastry Rolls
  • Pink and Red Sprinkles of your choosing
Step-by-Step Directions
  1. Slice apart the nine pastry rolls following the pre-cut lines. For ease of cutting, let roll log thaw for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Carefully unroll about one half of the roll and then roll it back into itself. Just make sure you leave a little excess in the middle, so you can form the point of the heart. Pinch the bottom together to make the strong point. Ensure they are rolled tightly as they will spread as they bake.
  3. Allow rolls to rise at room temperature (72°F) for 6 to 8 hours.
  4. Bake in pre-heated oven at 325°F (350°F for high altitudes) for 21 to 25 minutes or until slightly brown.
  5. You may ice the rolls while slightly warm or wait until they cool completely.
  6. Decorate with sprinkles and enjoy your heart cinnamon pastry rolls!

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Dealership Spotlight: Emch Fundraising

on January 22, 2021

January is all about goals; it’s the time of year when people are focusing on what it is they want to achieve in the new year. So, we decided to kick of 2021 with a “Dealership Spotlight” featuring a company that is all about helping groups accomplish their goals. Emch Fundraising is a small, family-owned business that has been with the Butter Braid® brand since 2004. For almost 2 decades, they have been committed to offering exceptional yet simple fundraising programs to groups, teams, and organizations to help them reach their goals every year.


Before starting Emch Fundraising, Brandon Emch worked as a CPA, helping clients for over six years with financial and accounting matters. Then, one day, he learned about an opportunity to start a Butter Braid fundraising dealership in the Kansas City area. His family felt that God was opening a door and leading them to start their own family business. According to Brandon, the decision to start the dealership was just one big leap of faith. The Emch family took that leap in 2004 and opened Emch Fundraising in Bucyrus, Kansas.

Changes to the Dealership

It has been a fun and interesting 16-year journey for Brandon and his family. The business has done a lot of growing over the years, so it can continue to provide excellent service to every fundraising organization it helps.

Freezer storage is an essential part of a business when you store, handle, and deliver delicious frozen pastries. Previously, Emch Fundraising has transitioned through four different cold storage solutions. Each time, they experienced various degrees of improvement to their setup. However, none of those locations could compare to their current one. Now, Emch Fundraising has a walk-in freezer that can hold 17-18 pallets of product and leaves some elbow room. The warehouse space enables orders to be pre-sorted prior to delivery which is a service their groups really appreciate. This current setup helps the business run more efficiently, so the team can spend more time focusing on helping his groups achieve their fundraising goals.

In 2019, the Emch family added a new member to their team. Greg Hamm joined Emch Fundraising in the fall of that year. He has been a great asset to the business, helping Brandon in the areas of sales, services, operations, and delivery.

Fundraising Groups

For Brandon, Greg, and the rest of the Emch Fundraising family, owning the dealership has been a wonderful opportunity. They’ve enjoyed helping people, schools, and organizations reach their fundraising goals, and they love offering the best fundraising product on the planet: Butter Braid pastries.

Emch Fundraising has helped many groups accomplish their goals. Brandon says his business will help anyone raise money for anything; it doesn’t matter if they are a group of 1 or a group of 500. No dream is out of reach for Emch Fundraising, and that belief is how the dealership has helped raise over $1.5 million for their fundraising groups.

Their personal, hands-on, competent, and friendly customer service keeps groups coming back to them year after year. Teachers, group leaders, and customers rave about their experience with Emch Fundraising. “Our American Heritage Girls Troop has done a Butter Braid fundraiser with Emch Fundraising for the last 5 years,” explains Kathy, a local group leader. “We have always found them to be very helpful and easy to work with, and the product is first rate. It’s easily one of our most popular fundraisers each and every year.”

Fundraising Stories

With over 16 years in the business, Emch Fundraising has had the opportunity to work with plenty of fundraising groups; these groups vary in size, age range, financial situations, and goals for their fundraiser. According to Brandon, the most memorable of all the groups he’s worked with are those who are looking to help individuals that are navigating personal difficulties.

Brandon fondly remembers one group of friends that fundraised with him. They were rallying around a loved one who had been diagnosed with cancer. This group wanted to raise money to help pay for their friend’s travel expenses and hotel costs because they were making multiple trips to Chicago for specialized treatment. For Brandon and his team, this was a very heartwarming experience that he loves to look back on.

It’s been a pleasure to have Emch Fundraising as part of the Butter Braid fundraising team for the last 16 years. For Emch Fundraising, those years have just flown by. Brandon says it’s been a pleasure for him to help organizations and young kids reach their goals, and it’s been a blessing to work alongside his wife and growing family. And, despite the tough climate of 2020, Brandon says the Lord has been gracious to the Emchs, and they continue to look forward to serving your group and helping you reach your goals.

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The Soccer Mom Blog: 10 Ways to Help Your Community During a Crisis

on January 18, 2021

by the Soccer Mom Blog

The past couple months have been an experience that has kept us all far apart physically, but in many ways has brought us closer together.

We’ve lived through a few major disasters in Houston in recent years, including Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Imelda. Both were devastating, but at the same time, it was inspiring to see our community rally to help each other rebuild.

The current pandemic is different because there are still shelter-in-place orders in many parts of the country. How do you help your neighbors and loved ones when you’re supposed to stay apart?

The good news is that it IS possible to serve your community and bring joy to your friends and family, all while practicing safe social distancing!

I put together this list to share some of the ways our family has tried to help out in our community, as well as ideas from some of my creative friends. I hope it inspires you to get involved, even from home!

1. Bake Sweet Treats for Loved Ones or Essential Workers

Nothing says “I Love You” like delicious food! That’s actually how my husband won me over — by cooking for me!

Even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen, you can still whip up a wow-worthy treat to drop off for friends and family, or even essential workers that you know.

Our family stocked up on Butter Braid® pastries to keep in our freezer for those occasions. Just last week we baked a couple pastries for my mother-in-law (a live-in caretaker), her sister, and her patient. They’ve been cooped up at home for two months now and were delighted when we made them a sweet surprise!

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