Dealership Spotlight: Uplifting Promotions

on September 22, 2022

September has finally arrived, and it has brought more than falling leaves and colder temperatures. It’s also brought a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature! For this month’s spotlight, we’re featuring a dealership that has devoted itself to making fundraising easy and FUN for everyone it partners with. Uplifting Promotions has been part of the Butter Braid® Fundraising family since 2005. For 17 years, the team at Uplifting Promotions has been committed to offering superior customer service and simple fundraising programs to help group leaders, teachers, and volunteers in their efforts to reach their fundraising goals.


Julie Lyon’s desire to run her own business started with her parents. Both her mom and dad have run their own businesses ever since she was a little girl. She was incredibly inspired by them and carried that with her into adulthood. Though Julie was born and raised in Arizona, she did move away for a time and spent 7 years in Colorado where both of her kids were born. While there, she met Keith Wagner and Al Hooyman, the owners of Integrity Fundraising. The families spent a lot of time together, and they got to watch Integrity’s business continue to grow every year.

See, Julie always wanted to have her own business, but it couldn’t just be any business. So, when Keith and Al told her about Butter Braid Pastries, its fundraising programs, and its unique mission to “Share the Good”, Julie knew this was an opportunity she didn’t want to pass up. A fundraising dealership sounded like the perfect fit for her family. In 2005, Uplifting Promotions opened in Julie’s hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

Changes to the Dealership

Over 17 years, Julie has updated many areas of the dealership to streamline processes and make her fundraising programs as simple and seamless as possible. There is now an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website, automated reminder and response emails for customers, and improved information for group leaders. Uplifting Promotions has also added an online store for their groups to use. This new option allows sellers to promote their own, personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet.

In 2020, Uplifting Promotions moved into its first commercial space after 15 years of being run from a home office. The dealership recently added its third freezer trailer and is excited to use it in fundraisers this fall. Uplifting Promotions also added a new product line to their offerings this last spring, and the team is excited about the positive feedback from group leaders, sellers, and supporters!

Julie has no idea how many hours she works – time flies by when you are helping groups raise dough! She is currently training a new Customer Service Specialist to help in the office. Uplifting Promotions also has 3 seasonal delivery drivers, but the business could always use more. If you know anyone in the area looking for extra work in October-December and February-April, give her a call!

Fundraising Groups

Uplifting Promotions has always strived to make its fundraising programs as successful and easy as possible for group leaders. Julie loves being able to help groups reach their fundraising goals. With the help of Uplifting Promotions, groups have been able to raise funds for so many wonderful causes. Underprivileged students have gotten to go on international trips, teachers have been able to order much-needed supplies, scholarship funds have been replenished, and the list goes on. Since 2005, Uplifting Promotions has sold almost 1.5 million items through their fundraisers.

Group leaders really appreciate Uplifting Promotions’ devotion to their causes and its efforts to make fundraising a hassle-free process. One baseball team mom wrote, “Thank you so much for a successful fundraiser. My oldest son is 20, so I have been doing school fundraisers for a very long time. This was the most well-organized, easiest fundraiser I have ever done. The pastries are so easy to sell, and you have this process so fine tuned that it made my job almost foolproof. Your employees were very efficient and pleasant as well. I will definitely be suggesting our school partners with you in the future for upcoming fundraisers.”

Uplifting Promotion’s Mission

Julie is very passionate about the mission behind Uplifting Promotions. When asked about it, she said, “Providing the best customer service to my groups is so important to me. These group leaders are mainly volunteers and teachers. They have their own jobs, families, friends, etc. to juggle, so making fundraisers easy for them is always my #1 goal. I do everything I can to cushion them from impacts like the product shortages, pricing increases, and operational costs that we’ve been navigating the last 2 years.”

We have been blessed to have Uplifting Promotions as part of the Butter Braid Fundraising team for the last 17 years. The team at Uplifting Promotions is incredibly passionate about the work they do, and they’re looking forward to continuing to help the groups in their community for many more years to come. If you’re in Arizona and looking for a “WOW” fundraising experience, call Uplifting Promotions or reach out on the company’s website. They will set you up with an easy fundraising program that your group members and supporters will ask for again and again.

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Dealership Spotlight: LaBraid Fundraising

on August 26, 2022

August has arrived, and it has brought with it a new “Dealership Spotlight” post. This month we’re featuring LaBraid Fundraising out of Indiana. LaBraid Fundraising has been part of the Butter Braid® brand for decades, even before it became the fundraising-exclusive brand you’ve all come to know and love. Since the very beginning, the team at LaBraid Fundraising has distinguished themselves with their superior customer service, high-quality products, and dedication to helping their fundraising groups achieve their goals.  


LaBraid Fundraising is owned and operated by an incredibly kind, devoted group of individuals. This group includes Curt and Lyla Frank, Jason Martin, Josh Koch, Scott Kleckner, Shayla Brown, and Jill Lowrey. The business was started by Curt and Lyla Frank in 1992. The couple was looking for a new business opportunity that could replace the family’s dairy farm. They were looking for something unique; something that would allow them to be their own boss, that they could pass down to the next generation, and that would make a difference in their community.

At the time, the Butter Braid brand was just getting started. Marlene and Ken Banwart were thrilled to bring Curt and Lyla on board. In September 1992, the couple started out in a rented building where they were manufacturing the braided pastries themselves. They would continue to do so for the next 12 years. When the brand began to switch over to the fundraising dealership model, Curt and Lyla were ready to do the same with their business. In 1998, they opened LaBraid Fundraising in LaCrosse, Indiana. 

Changes to the Dealership

In 2003, LaBraid Fundraising went through a series of big changes. They stopped producing their own product and began to have it shipped in from the main manufacturing facility out of West Bend, Iowa. In that same year, the family built an office and warehouse building on their farmstead, so they could keep the business closer to home.

During that time, the Franks updated many areas of the business to streamline processes and make their fundraising programs as simple and seamless as possible. They also now have a whole team of sales representatives, support staff, and delivery drivers who work together to make each fundraiser a positive and successful event.

Fundraising Groups

It’s been an exciting 30-year journey for the team at LaBraid Fundraising. For them, it’s been a blessing to work with so many wonderful people and help them achieve their goals. They’ll always be so grateful for the relationships they’ve built; both the ones with their fundraising groups and with their fellow team members at LaBraid.

With three decades in the fundraising industry, LaBraid Fundraising has helped just about every group imaginable raise the funds they need. Since 1998, they’ve worked with schools, church groups, bands, choirs, sports teams, fire departments, K9 units, and so many others. To date, they’ve run more than 10,000 fundraisers and helped raise over $15 million.  

Sellers and group leaders love the unwavering support they receive from LaBraid Fundraising. It makes the fundraising process so simple and easy. A local group leader from an Indiana Elementary School says, “Their superb product sells itself, but LaBraid makes it easy to facilitate the sales. I recommend LaBraid to you to help you meet your fundraising needs.”

What It’s Like Working at LaBraid Fundraising

After 30 years of owning LaBraid Fundraising, Curt and Lyla Frank are especially grateful for the incredible team they get to work with every day. Their team is just as grateful and appreciative for the opportunity they’ve been given to help others through their work at LaBraid Fundraising.

With so many years in the industry, there have also been some challenges the team has had to weather. In recent years, especially, they’ve been dealing with shortages on all fronts. Jill Lowrey says that you shouldn’t even get her started on the slow Internet services in LaCrosse, IN.

Even though there has been a fair share of difficulties, the team at LaBraid is always looking on the bright side of things. They say there is no shortage of great laughs around the office. When the whole team is together, they know it is going to be a good day.

LaBraid Fundraising has been a wonderful addition to the Butter Braid Fundraising family, and we are very thankful to have had this dealership with us for the last three decades. Curt, Lyla, and their team are an exceptional group of people who truly love what they do and always give 100% to each group they work with. If you are looking to run a fundraiser in central or northern Indiana; east central Illinois; southwest Michigan; or extreme northwest, west central, or southwest Ohio; call LaBraid Fundraising today or reach out on their website. Their superior customer service and years of experience will have you reaching your fundraising goals in no time.  

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10 Tips for Your Next Fundraiser

on June 9, 2022

As a group leader, you know how important hosting a successful fundraiser is. You know the benefits of fundraising go beyond supplementing a budget for items like field trips, equipment upgrades, or essential supplies. When a fundraiser is done right, it strengthens the bonds between a group and their community while also bringing in those necessary funds. Plus, they are a lot of fun!

Coordinating a fundraiser also comes with its challenges. Successful fundraisers take a lot of planning, resources, communication, and volunteers. Thankfully, you’re not alone. We here at the Butter Braid® brand, with the help of our dealer network, have been helping groups reach their fundraising goals for over 30 years. So, we used our 30 years of expertise to compile 10 tips to help you plan your next fundraiser.

Tips for Your Next Fundraiser

  1. Have a written project plan

Think of your fundraiser as a small business. Write out a plan that states all the roles and responsibilities needed for your fundraiser. Fill the roles with the right individuals and provide them with everything they need to do a great job.

  1. Create a value proposition

In 2 sentences or less, summarize what you’re doing and why. Let people know what this fundraiser is all about and share it with your group, board, and volunteers. Make sure to include a call-to-action in all your communication efforts.

  1. Maximize value to maximize results

Make this tip your mantra:

More value = more prospects

More value = more buyers

More value = more money for your group

What do we mean by value? We mean finding a fundraising product that meets all the needs of your group and the people in your area. For instance, groups love to sell Butter Braid Pastries because they offer high per-item profits, short turnaround times, and simple sales. Supporters love them because they’re braided by hand with love and made with high-quality ingredients.

Offering products like Butter Braid Pastries guarantee you are maximizing the value of your fundraiser.

  1. Focus on quality

Quality work = more sales

Quality rewards = more motivation

Quality program = more confidence

  1. Set a public goal

As a fundraising group, make a goal, commit to it, and state it publicly; this causes your mind to read it as a verbal commitment. Be sure to aim high but keep your goals realistic. Structure sales efforts to emphasize and reward achieving your goals.

  1. Set individual goals

Everyone on your fundraising team should be committed to doing what it takes to reach your group’s goal. Make sure everyone takes ownership of your fundraiser’s success by setting goals at the individual level as well as on the group level. That way everyone is responsible for contributing to the success of your event.

  1. Provide alternative options

Keep in mind that some people may not be able to financially contribute to your fundraiser, but they may be able to contribute in other ways. This could be anything from volunteering to help during kick-off and delivery days to sharing information about your event with their family and friends. Explore all the different ways people in your community could use their talents to get involved and help your group.

  1. Emphasize safety

Seller safety must be your highest priority. All neighborhood sales should include an accompanying adult. Remind your group to never sell alone, to not go into anyone’s house, and to never sell after dark.

  1. Keep it fun

Plan fun things to do during each stage of the process that rewards involvement. Remember that fun is an essential part of fundraising.

  1. Help others

The most important of our “tips for your next fundraiser” is for you to share your success and help others. Once you’ve reached your goal, make an effort to go out and help another group reach theirs. For example, your group could volunteer to help with local charities, write letters to the military, or anything else that may have special meaning to your group.

After all, fundraisers are about more than raising funds; it’s about strengthening the bond with your community. Your community came together to support you. Seeing you do the same will inspire them to continue their support of your group for years to come.

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Dealership Spotlight: Partners for Profit Fundraising

on May 20, 2022

For this month’s “Dealership Spotlight”, we’re introducing you to a dealership that always focuses on the positive and goes out of its way to give its groups the best experience possible. Partners for Profit Fundraising is a family-owned business that joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising family over two decades ago. The family behind Partners for Profit has loved every minute of their time in the fundraising industry. For them, it’s more than just a chance to help groups reach their goals. Each fundraiser is a chance to “Share the Good” and spread positivity throughout their community.


The Partners for Profit family has been around Butter Braid Pastries almost since the beginning. Lyle and Deb Massner found out about these delicious pastries through their nephew, Darin, who worked for the brand. At the time, the team behind the Butter Braid brand was exploring the idea of partnering with fundraising dealerships to sell their products. Darin reached out to Lyle to see if he would be interested in starting a dealership of his own in Iowa. Lyle couldn’t see himself working in the fundraising industry just yet. He had plenty of sales experience, but he had always worked in agriculture.

A little while later, Lyle ended up working for a company that was demanding a lot of his time. He was gone a lot and couldn’t be home with his family as much as he wanted. On weekends, he was working. On holidays, he was working. When his job wanted him to come to work and miss his son’s first birthday, he knew he needed to make a change. Lyle already had experience being self-employed, having been a farmer for many years, and he wanted to go back to that. Then, he remembered the offer made to him by his nephew. After learning more about the opportunity, he was ready to sign on. In 2001, Lyle Massner opened Partners for Profit in Morning Sun, IA.

Changes to the Dealership

Originally, Partners for Profit was solely owned and operated by Lyle. He did everything himself from sales to delivery. Now, his wife, Deb, has joined him in the business. She came on about 5 years after the business got started and is mainly in charge of the office. Their son, Luke, has worked for them for 5 years doing delivery and pre-packing. They are also supported by their nephew Jonathan Ludens, who helps Deb in the office and works as a sales representative. It truly is a family business!

At the beginning, the dealership just had a little freezer that Lyle purchased from a local restaurant that went out of business. This meant that everything had to be moved and sorted by hand, no matter the weather. Now, they have a lot more space. Lyle added onto their machine shed on the farm to accommodate a walk-in. Now, he could pull in trucks and use forklifts to make unloading much easier. It also gives the business more space to pre-pack orders which makes delivery easier for their groups.

The online store has also been a nice addition. This allows sellers to promote their own, personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet. Now, it’s even easier for Lyle, Deb, and their team to focus on their groups and bring more positivity to all their fundraisers.

Fundraising Groups

This Iowa dealership has helped many groups run successful fundraisers over the years. Lyle says every time he thinks he’s done it all, something new pops up. Partners for Profit has worked with schools, sports teams, churches, Habit for Humanity, 4-H, Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts, women’s organizations, transplant teams, and more. Since 2001, groups have raised more than $5 million with the support of Partners for Profit.

Deb, Lyle, and their team have enjoyed being able to work with so many amazing groups over the years. For them, this business is all about reward. It’s about groups trying to raise money for great causes and help them get things done. It’s all so positive, and that’s what makes this business different for the Massner family. They’ve always loved to focus on the positive over the negative and see things in a good light. Their fundraising groups help them do that, and the Massners do everything they can to return the favor. That’s why groups love to work with them year after year.

A local group leader from Indianola, IA says, “I had no idea Partners for Profit went to that level of service …I can tell you Butter Braid Pastries will remain at the top of my list for fundraising. Not only because they are delicious but because of you and the team behind Partners for Profit!”

What Lyle Wants You to Know

For Lyle, owning Partners for Profit these last two decades has been a wonderful experience. He says there is nothing better than having a family business and getting to work together. Businesses like these allow you to have family members involved and allows you to create opportunities, not just for your family and friends, but for people throughout the community. Even more importantly, it gives you something to pass down. It’s something that can keep growing and keep helping people long after you’ve gone.

He also wants you to know how grateful he is for the assistance of the dealership network he’s part of. Butter Braid Pastries are represented by over 75 independent dealers across the United States. Lyle says each one of them are always there to help one another. It’s a great system, and he really appreciates the support they bring. He says, “I know that we are stronger together.”

Partners for Profit will continue to spread positivity and provide exceptional service for years to come. The Massner family and their team are a passionate, positive addition to the Butter Braid Fundraising family, and we’ve been so blessed to have had them with us for the last two decades. If you are in the Iowa, Illinois, or Missouri areas and looking for a great, hassle-free fundraiser, you’ll want to partner with Partners for Profit. Not only will they support you and your group throughout the fundraiser, but they’ll make it a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t soon forget.

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What to Know Before Running an Online Fundraiser

on September 3, 2021

Online fundraising has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It’s a great way to run an efficient and effective campaign and can allow you to reach more supporters than you would with a traditional fundraiser. However, planning and implementing a virtual event can be challenging for those who have never experienced one before. If you’re considering running an online fundraiser, check out our list of things you need to consider before taking your fundraiser virtual.

How does an online fundraiser work?

Online Fundraising - Fundraise in the Fastlane infographic - Online store, virtual kick off, promote and sell, and pick up and delver

Groups that sell online are doing so using a company’s webstore. This store typically has all the items you would see in a traditional fundraiser from the same company. Your goal is to get people to support your group by purchasing from the store.

There are a few different ways that you can share the online store with potential supporters, depending on the company you partner with. In some cases, your group will have a unique link that can be shared via email, text, or social media. Other companies may offer individual seller links to promote your fundraiser. With this option, the sellers in your group self-register for the online store and are given a personal link to share with family and friends.

Can you pair a traditional fundraiser with an online fundraiser?

Try to find a fundraising option that allows you to run an in-person and online fundraiser together. Studies show that groups who sell using both methods are raising more money because they are able to reach more people. Read about some groups’ success with these combo fundraising programs on Big Fundraising Ideas’ blog.

You can also find more benefits and statistics of online fundraising in a recent blog post by the Butter Braid® brand.

Is your group responsible for deliveries?

Group leader holding butter braid pastry order form in front of boxes of product in a classroom

Running an online fundraiser can allow you to reach more people in your community and even out of state which is great for your group. However, before you start promoting your store to people all over the country, check to see if your group is responsible for delivering the products. If you are, it may impact who you want to share your online store with.

How to keep students and parents involved during a virtual fundraiser?

Communication is very important when running an online fundraiser, especially if you are not having any face-to-face contact with kids and parents like you would during a normal fundraising event. Before the fundraiser, make sure everyone is comfortable working with the online platform. Schedule a time where you or a member of the fundraising company can walk everyone through the online store and give them a rundown of what to expect.

During the event, consistently check in with your sellers to see how they are progressing towards their goal. Remind them that, though the fundraiser is online, they are still part of a group and have a support system to turn to for help. Consider posting a thermometer or goal tracking image to show kids and parents how close the group is to reaching their goal.

Running your first online fundraiser can seem intimidating at first, but, once you know what to expect, it’s really a great addition to your fundraising plan. The most important thing you can do is choose a fundraising partner that will be there for you every step of the way to help you navigate this new experience. They are the best resource you have when it comes to running a successful fundraiser, no matter what kind of fundraiser it is.

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Dealership Spotlight: Sweet T Fundraising

on August 20, 2021

At the Butter Braid® brand, you know we love to “Share the Good” and support local causes with our amazing pastries. That’s why we chose to focus this month’s “Dealership Spotlight” on a business owner that goes out of his way to make a difference. Terry Edwards believes true happiness is found in helping others. When he started Sweet T Fundraising 3 years ago, Terry wanted the business to do more than share great products or host successful fundraisers. He wanted to use it to share his love of giving with everyone in his community.


Terry Edwards always wanted to have his own business, but it couldn’t just be any business. He wanted to open a company that would allow him to spend his time helping others while also making a living. That’s when Terry learned about the Butter Braid brand and its unique mission of “Share the Good” by helping people raise money with their delicious products. This was a company that clearly valued people over profit which really stood out to him. Once he tasted his first Butter Braid Pastry, he knew this was the path for him. Terry opened Sweet T Fundraising in Savannah, Georgia on June 1, 2018.

Changes to the Dealership

Sweet T Fundraising added some new features to the business in the last three years, so it can continue to help groups make the most out of their fundraisers. The biggest change has been the addition of the online store. This new fundraising option allows sellers to promote their own personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet. As a bonus, all deliveries are prepacked and organized by seller to keep the fundraising process as easy as possible. The online store has been a great way to spread the joy of giving to new groups in the area. Terry is very glad to have it as part of his fundraising program.

Fundraising Groups

Sweet T Fundraising has done a lot to make their fundraisers as successful and easy as possible for groups. Terry says he does this because there is no greater joy, to him, then when a group leader says on delivery day, “This is the easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done.”  That’s when he knows he’s truly meeting his goal of helping as many people as possible.

Since 2018, Terry has certainly helped a lot of groups in the Georgia area. Sweet T Fundraising has hosted fundraisers for groups raising money for uniforms, band equipment, gym mats, drinking fountains, mission trips, field trips, playground equipment, dance and theatre productions, and so much more. In only three years, he’s helped groups raise more than $330,000.

Group leaders really appreciate Terry’s attention to detail and devotion to their causes. Jenn D. from Savannah says, “Sweet T Fundraising offers amazing customer service from a representative who really takes the time to get to know his clients. We love Mr. Edwards, and we love Butter Braid Pastry products! A very helpful fundraising company!”

What Terry wants you to know

Every fundraiser is an opportunity for Terry to share his love of helping others with the people in his area. He says that, even when a fundraiser turns out to be small, it can turn into a larger opportunity in the future. Each fundraiser reaches new people that love Butter Braid Pastries and enjoy the feeling of giving back to the community. Terry says you never know when one of those people are going to want to run their own fundraiser and make it a huge success for their group. Even if they don’t want to run a fundraiser, individuals will often continue to support local causes by buying more Butter Braid Pastries the next time they get an opportunity. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and Terry intends to continue sharing it with the people of Georgia for a long time to come.

The Butter Braid brand is happy to have Sweet T Fundraising as part of our fundraising family. Terry Edwards believes that it’s better to give than it is to receive, and he has built that belief into the very foundation of his business. This has allowed his groups to reach new heights with their fundraisers and introduce more people to the happiness you feel when you help others. If you’re a group in Georgia and want to run a fundraiser with Sweet T Fundraising, give Terry a call. His love of helping others will have you on the fast track to fundraising success.

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24/7 MOMS Back to School Review

on August 13, 2021

by 24/7 MOMS

The Butter Braid® brand is all about family. Through our pastries, we celebrate togetherness and support future generations of hungry dream chasers. Braided by hand, made from flaky, Danish dough and warm, sweet fillings, each Butter Braid Pastry is a symbol of the dedication we have to our family, our love of gathering around the table, and our hope that others will reach their goals.

Butter Braid Pastries is a fundraising-only brand which is part of what makes it so special. With the help of our best-in-class network of dealers, we have helped groups all across the country raise money for thousands of great causes. Our fundraisers are all about three things: great experience, simple programs, and proven products. Now groups can fundraise the safe way with the Butter Braid brand’s new, no-contact fundraising program. Our local dealers will set up a unique program just for you and your group and help you reach your fundraising goal all while maintaining social distancing.

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The Best Time to Start Your Fall Fundraiser

on August 6, 2021

Fall is the busiest season for fundraising, and the success of your event could very well depend on when you start. Many groups want to start the year off right by being one of the first to have a fundraiser in the area. Others wait until closer to the holidays. So, when is the best time for you and your group to host a fundraising event? Here’s what you need to consider when scheduling the start of your fall fundraiser.

  1. Is your group seasonal or year-round?

One thing to consider is whether your group is only active during the fall or all year. If you’re in a seasonal sport or club, it would be best for you to start fundraising at the beginning of the fall season. This way you have enough time to plan and raise the money you need for later in the year. If your group is together throughout the year, you have more flexibility in planning your start date.

  1. What type of fundraiser are you hosting?

Are you running a fundraiser with a product people can use year-round? Or are you selling holiday favorites? What fundraiser you choose should factor into when you plan to start your event. People may not think to purchase wrapping paper in September, but it may be on their mind in late October or early November as they prepare for the holidays.

  1. Who are your supporters?

Knowing who your supporters are will be a great help in determining the best time to start a fall fundraiser. If you’re expecting mostly parents and family members to purchase from your sellers, it may be best to wait until a few weeks after the beginning of the school year. This way, they’ve had time to recover from summer vacations, and it’s far enough away from the holidays that people may have more opportunities to support your cause.

  1. Should you start your fundraiser at the beginning of fall?

As you’ve read, there are many benefits to starting your fundraiser sooner rather than later. Here are some more things to consider if you’re planning an early fall fundraiser.

By getting an early jump on things, you’ll miss the fundraising fatigue that can set in later in the season. As fall progresses, parents and kids get busier and might not have time to participate in another fundraiser.

On the downside, you’ll be competing with the busyness of the back-to-school season. Schedules are full with kids starting new classes, parents planning carpools, and families trying to fit in all the other community events that happen around this time. If you want to do an early fall fundraiser, make sure you are aware of the schedules within your community.

  1. Should you wait until closer to the holidays?

While fundraisers that start earlier in the season statistically do better, according to Clay Boggess at Big Fundraising Ideas, there are several reasons for putting off your fundraiser until later in the year.

Waiting until later means you avoid the back-to-school rush. If there are a lot of groups selling in your area, it can be difficult to be the first one out, especially considering some groups start even earlier than August. If you can’t compete with that time frame, waiting may give you an advantage. Groups that sell in November and December can greatly benefit from the holiday season. This is when people do most of their shopping and are feeling charitable, so they may be more likely to support your cause.

However, many families travel for the holidays or have family traditions that would prevent students from participating in your fundraiser. Check with the kids and parents in your group before planning an event during this busy time.

There’s a lot to consider when planning the right start date for your fall fundraiser. Ultimately, you need to decide what’s best for your group and your community because every situation is different. In the end, there really is no bad time to host a fundraiser. If you pick a time that allows your group to engage with the community, and you put in the work to market your event, your fundraiser has every opportunity to be a success!

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Dealership Spotlight: Success N Fundraising

on June 18, 2021

For the first “Dealership Spotlight” of the summer, we’re introducing you to a family-owned business that goes out of its way to support local communities. Success N Fundraising is a Montana-based dealership that started fundraising with Butter Braid® Pastries in 2004. Since the beginning, the team at Success N Fundraising made it their mission to be problem-solvers. They wanted to be the ones offering the solution that people needed, so they could better serve everyone.


In 2004, Frank and Doris Sinnema were looking to make some changes regarding their careers. They were looking for an opportunity to do something different. Luckily, they were related to Al Hooyman and Keith Wagner, the co-owners of Integrity Fundraising. Al and Keith told the Sinnemas that they were looking for someone to run a fundraising dealership in their area. Frank and Doris were inspired by the Butter Braid brand’s mission of “Sharing the Good,” and they wanted to share that mission with the people of Montana. With the guidance of Al and Keith, the Sinnemas opened Success N Fundraising as a sub-dealership of Integrity Fundraising in Manhattan, Montana later that year.

Changes to the Dealership

Success N Fundraising experienced impressive growth over the first 8 years. During that time, the dealership broke off from Integrity Fundraising and became its own Butter Braid Fundraising dealership. However, Frank and Doris were wearing themselves out in order to meet all the demand. To relieve some of the workload, their son Adam and his family joined the business in 2013. Everyone now had a part to play in this family business. Over the last couple years, Adam and Kathy have has taken on more responsibilities and is now a part owner of the dealership.

The Sinnemas love getting to live and work in such a beautiful area. The territory they service is really spread out, and, over the years, they’ve acquired other nearby territories as well. This makes classic marketing techniques difficult because they can’t always physically reach out to every city or group. That’s why the company has been putting a lot of focus on social media marketing in the last few years. They’ve also been continually improving their presorting and delivery processes, especially as they add new drivers.

Recently, they added Montana Made, an online-only fundraising program with an option to ship directly to customers. To accommodate this new program, they’ve modified the business’ workspace and daily processes to ensure everything goes out efficiently. With Montana Made, the Sinnemas get to support local businesses and better serve local fundraising groups. It has provided the Sinnemas with the chance to give back and encourage entrepreneurs in their community, an opportunity the family is so grateful to have.

Fundraising Groups

The tremendous support Success N Fundraising gives to local businesses, organizations, clubs, and schools is how so many of its fundraising groups have reached their goals. This dealership has done fundraisers for schools, church groups, 4H clubs, dance and gymnastics teams, sports teams, bank employees, insurance organizations, daycares, animal rescues, volunteer fire departments, and the list goes on. After over 17 years, Success N Fundraising has helped raise over $4.6 million for local groups.

Groups are so appreciative of the support they get from Success N Fundraising. The group leaders who run with them once want to run with them over and over again because they know they will get the best fundraising experience possible. Lyn H., a local group leader, says, “This is my third year heading up this fundraiser for our school. These things sell themselves. They are amazing. Frank, Doris, and Adam are super helpful if I have any questions. They are quick to respond and always answer the phone…I wouldn’t want to do any other fundraiser. So easy, so good, and so profitable! It’s an AWESOME company!”

The Sinnemas are really touched by the response they’ve received from groups about their products and services. They are glad to have the opportunity to continue “sharing the good” and offering solutions to the people in their community who need them. Adam says, “It is a great feeling to know that we are carrying some of our group leader’s burden, and it is a joy to sense their relief when we can offer a solution to their problem.”

What They Want People to Know

The Sinnemas have done a lot for their community through Success N Fundraising. However, they don’t take credit for any of it. The Sinnema family says it is by the grace of God that they know how to serve others well, and they consider it a blessing to be able to do just that every day. Adam goes on to say that their focus on faith is why this dealership has been so successful. “If your focus is on making money, your success can only be measured one way. If your focus is on glorifying God, your success can be seen in many ways, and your peace and joy will overflow.”

We have been blessed to have Success N Fundraising as part of the Butter Braid Fundraising team for the last 17 years. Their team has been continually devoted to “sharing the good” and doing the best they can to support the people who depend on them for solutions. Those solutions have been so powerful and have done so much to make meaningful and lasting change. If you’re in the Montana area and need a fundraiser, we hope you get a chance to work with the Sinnemas and their team because when you work with Success N Fundraising, you’re guaranteed to find success in fundraising.

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