Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

on November 5, 2019

Butter Braid® pastries are a festive addition to any celebration! Use our birthday decorating tips to spice one up for your next party.

Upgrade your birthday celebration with a flavorful Butter Braid pastry. Set your party apart by serving up a sweet, fruit-filled, and flaky Danish pastry. You’ll never be able to go back to plain cake and ice cream again!

Want some fun birthday decorating tips for your Butter Braid pastry? Break out the candles and decorations to make a colorful splash at your birthday party. 

Butter Braid Pastry Birthday Decorating Tips:
  • Add colorful sprinkles or candy pieces to the top of your pastry
  • Don’t just use plain candles. Find some with your favorite characters or fun colors!
  • Sprinkle confetti around the pastry to make it pop on the table.
  • Get a platter for the pastry that matches your party’s theme.
  • Provide small packages of colored icing and let party goers decorate their own piece of pastry.
  • Or you can top off your pastry with a colorful cake topper

Whatever decorations you choose, we know you’re birthday will be special when it is celebrated with a Butter Braid pastry!

birthday decorating tips

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