Butter Braid® Pastries- Fundraising Can Be Delicious #Review

Butter Braid® Pastries- Fundraising Can Be Delicious #Review

on October 7, 2019

by Mom Does Reviews

School is back in for certain areas, and the rest return very soon. With school comes the ever present fundraiser, a vital way for the school to make money for their needs.  With Butter Braid® pastries, fundraising can be delicious and simple. If you want a Fundraiser that is easy to sell and easy to eat, get with your school and mention Butter Braid pastries.

Since 1991, Butter Braid brand fundraising has helped nonprofit groups, moms, and volunteers raise over 200 million dollars to better kids, schools, and communities. Butter Braid pastries has a passion to put only the best fundraising product into your hands.  These pastries:

  • Have quality ingredients; flour, sugar, and butter
  • Are braided by hand with care
  • Have a homemade appearance and taste
  • Are made in small town Iowa
  • You make a difference with each pastry you buy

Butter Braid pastries are available only through fundraisers, so support your local schools and community organizations. These pastries are great for family gatherings, holidays, special occasions, or simply just because!

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