Coming Soon: Dealership Spotlight

Coming Soon: Dealership Spotlight

on January 6, 2020

The Butter Braid® brand is excited to announce a new feature that will be making its way to our blog this year: the Dealership Spotlight. We spend a lot of time writing about our fundraising products and the wonderful groups and communities who benefit from selling them. Now, we want to spend some time introducing you to the people who help make it all possible: our family of dealers.

The Dealership Spotlight will be a monthly post featuring one of the fundraising dealerships that sell Butter Braid products. Our products are represented by over 75 independent dealerships across the United States. Those dealers work hard to help nonprofits, community organizations, kids’ clubs, and local schools set up profitable, easy-to-run fundraisers. Without them, we couldn’t continue achieving our goal of “Sharing the Good.”

We look forward to introducing you to our top-notch family of dealers. Keep checking back on our blog every month to read about a new dealership in the Butter Braid fundraising family! And we’ll keep “Sharing the Good!”

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Head over to our Dealership Opportunity page to learn more.

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