Dealership Spotlight: FROGS – Fund Raising Opportunities for Group Success

Dealership Spotlight: FROGS – Fund Raising Opportunities for Group Success

on May 21, 2021

For this month’s “Dealership Spotlight,” we’re shining the light on a dealership that goes out of its way to make every fundraiser a memorable one. Fund Raising Opportunities for Group Success, or FROGS for short, joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising team in 2005. For the people at FROGS, there is no greater joy than helping their groups achieve their fundraising goals. They know that fundraisers help families and communities make lasting memories. And memories are priceless.


Fund Raising Opportunities for Group Success is owned and operated by Michelle Kenney. In 2005, Michelle was looking for a job that would allow her to contribute to her family financially while also giving her the flexibility to be home with her two young children. Then, one day, she learned about Butter Braid Pastries. She fell in love with the product and the brand’s mission of “sharing the good” and helping others. A Butter Braid Fundraising dealership would offer her everything she was looking for. She’d get to be her own boss, have flexible hours, and support her family all while making a difference in her community of Boise, Idaho which is where Michelle would open FROGS later that year.

Changes to the Dealership

Originally, FROGS started as a partnership between Michelle and her mom. However, after her dad retired a few years ago, her mom followed suit, so they could spend more time with family. Currently, Michelle is working on building up the business and looking ahead to the next phase now that her children are older.

After more than 15 years, Michelle says it’s the memories she’s gained that have been the most important part of owning her dealership. Because of FROGS, Michelle has been able to cuddle her children when they were sick, go to their concerts and award ceremonies, take extended road trips across the country, and afford memorable family vacations. The memories she made with her family will be cherished forever. Now, Michelle has made it her mission to help other families get the opportunity to make memories of their own through fundraising.

Fundraising Groups

This Idaho dealership has helped many groups run successful fundraisers over the years. Michelle has worked with choirs, bands, cheer squads, sports teams, elementary schools, and many more to raise funds. Since 2005, groups have raised more than $2 million with the support of FROGS.

However, Michelle knows these fundraisers are about more than raising money. They’re about helping kids, families, and communities make memories. So, FROGS has made it so other families can take those trips they otherwise couldn’t afford. Schools have been able to purchase much-needed instruments and music for concerts and festivals. Clubs have gotten uniforms and supplies for their events and award ceremonies. These things all make lasting memories, and, as Michelle likes to remind people, “Memories cannot be purchased, and our children grow up so fast.”

Fundraising Stories

With more than 15 years in the fundraising business, Michelle has made plenty of her own priceless memories. She recalls one time she went out sampling with her son when he was about four years old. The two came across a National Guard Troop that was helping take care of local forest fires. One of the guardsmen was very homesick, and he was missing his son, who was about the same age as Michelle’s. He took to the Kenneys immediately and led them on a tour. He even let her son “drive” the Humvee around the parking lot. Michelle says that her son doesn’t remember many sampling days, but he has never forgotten this one.

Another time, a few years ago, Michelle remembers a call she had with one local woman. This woman asked if she could purchase a few Butter Braid Pastries from Michelle directly. Apparently, her son used to sell them but was in college now, and she didn’t know how to get more. When they met up for the exchange, the woman let Michelle know she had saved her Christmas. “I’m thinking that might have been a slight exaggeration,” Michelle says. “However, I do now run a ‘Gotta Have It’ group every season to be sure everyone can get their pastries.”

FROGS will continue to help groups meet their fundraising goals and make plenty of priceless memories for years to come. Everyone at the Butter Braid brand is glad to have such a dedicated dealership working with us to continue helping others and “sharing the good”.  If you’re looking to run a fundraiser in the Idaho area, give FROGS a call today! Let them help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

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