How do you get more?

1. Run a Butter Braid pastry fundraiser of your own!

Get your local organization, sports team, or school signed up for a Butter Braid® pastry fundraiser today!

Start A Fundraiser!

If you enter your zip code and a dealer doesn’t come up for your area, call 1-888-460-6904 for further assistance.

2. Recommend A Butter Braid pastry fundraiser to a group you know!

Share the Good! Share this opportunity with others in need of a simple and profitable fundraiser.

3. Contact your local Butter Braid® pastry dealer to find a fundraiser near you!

If a fundraiser is running, your Dealer will connect you with a group working to raise funds. Keep in mind there may not always be groups running in your area, so make sure you stock up!

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