Our Ordinary Life Review

Our Ordinary Life Review

on December 9, 2021

by Our Ordinary Life

We have a lot of fun holiday functions this year and I always need a quick and easy appetizer to take somewhere. This holiday season I’m warming up our oven and our kitchen with a Butter Braid® Pastry. Right from my freezer I have a delicious frozen pastry dough that’s easy to make.

With flavors for all tastes its not hard to find something perfect for the whole family. We plan to use one for morning breakfast, let it rise over night and bake it fresh for the family Christmas morning.  Nothing like fresh fluffy pastry, my husband loves his pastries!

I found it incredibly easy to make and after rising they only takes a little time to bake. It comes frozen with everything you need from fruit or flavored filling to the icing to top it off perfectly. Rising times take about 8-12 hours at room temp and around 30 minutes to bake.

After it’s cooked we just allowed it to cool and little and then sliced. Simply cover with plastic wrap then bake when ready. Super easy and fresh.

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