Queen of the Land of Twigs N Berries Review

Queen of the Land of Twigs N Berries Review

on July 16, 2021

by Queen of the Land of Twigs N Berries

Back to school season is here and that means that I finally get a break from being snack servant. What is it about the summer months that make my kids’ appetites morph from small boys to giant men?!?! In anticipation of hangry kids coming home after a long day at school, I’m working on easy and delicious snacks that will fill their tummies—and whoever else happens to show up at my house after the bell rings. My mom approved and kid friendly after school snack idea? Butter Braid® Pastries.

What are Butter Braid Pastries?

Imagine sweet and savory, flavor packed pastries that taste like grandma baked them from scratch. Well, that is what a Butter Braid Pastry tastes – and looks – like. Whether you choose a sweet, fruit and cheese filled option or a savory option such as the Four Cheese with Marinara Sauce Butter Braid® pastry, you really cannot go wrong.

What makes Butter Braid Pastries the Perfect After School Snack?

Butter Braid Pastries are both mom and kid approved because not only are they delicious and filling, but they are also SO EASY to prepare. All you have to do is take the frozen dough out and leave it on a greased baking sheet overnight so it rises, pop it in the oven, and you have a mouth watering pastry to enjoy in under 30 minutes.

Since there are so many different flavors, there is a Butter Braid® pastry for every single palate. For example, my oldest son is a chocoholic like his mom, so we adore the Bavarian Cream with Chocolate frosting Butter Braid® Pastry while my husband and youngest son are all about the fruit and cream cheese flavors.

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