Searching For Your Next Fundraiser? Use This Checklist!

Searching For Your Next Fundraiser? Use This Checklist!

on October 7, 2019

This is a very handy tool when you are searching for a fundraising company. Simply go through the checklist to be sure that you are selecting the fundraising company that is best for you and your group.

A fundraiser is only as successful as the fundraising company behind it. Choose the right company and fundraiser by using this quick and easy evaluation tool. 

Evaluating a Company
  • Is the company representative professional?
  • Is the company representative local? Do they know the area?
  • Is the representative available throughout the fundraiser? Or only at the beginning and end?
  • Do they supply sales materials?
  • Are they positive?
Evaluating a Fundraising Product or Program
  • Is the product high-quality and have a good reputation?
  • Does the product have high per-item profit?
  • Are product samples available?
  • Are they products customers love?
Evaluating a Company’s Services
  • Do they have no up-front contracts?
  • Do they have no up-front fees?
  • Are communication templates provided?

This checklist will guarantee you pick the right fundraising company for you.

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