Which Fundraiser Is Right For You?

Which Fundraiser Is Right For You?

on October 7, 2019

All fundraisers are not created equal. Check out our infographic to see which fundraiser is right for you! What do you need to consider when picking a fundraiser?

How much money do you need to raise?

Understanding how much you need to raise is the first thing you need to know in order to evaluate your options. Always start a fundraiser with a specific goal in mind and a plan for spending the proceeds.

How soon do you need the money?

Do you need the money in a month? Then you will need to choose a fundraiser that can be executed quickly. Have more time? Then you may think about picking a fundraiser that takes extended planning or amasses more profits over time.

How many volunteers do you have?

What is your group like? Are they all eager? If so, you can choose a more complex fundraiser. Only have a couple of volunteers? You will need to look for a fundraiser that requires little help and runs itself.

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