butter braid brand

The Butter Braid brand is all about family. Through our pastries, we celebrate togetherness and support future generations of hungry dream-chasers.

Years ago, we began baking pastries in our kitchen to bring in extra money for our family. What started as a side job grew and grew, from farmers markets to retail stores, from mixing bowls to industrial-sized mixers, from home kitchens to renovated buildings.

What started as love for family and love of baking grew to become the Butter Braid brand.

And after years of selling our pastries in stores around town, a suggestion to offer Butter Braid® pastries for a fundraiser inspired us to look at ways we could share the good.

Today, Butter Braid pastries are available exclusively through fundraisers, so with each purchase, you’re getting a tasty treat and supporting a loved one.

Braided by hand, each Butter Braid pastry is a symbol of the dedication we have to our family, our love of gathering around the table and our hope that others will reach their goals.

See how Butter Braid® pastries are made!