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How to Boost Your End-of-Year Fundraiser (Best Tips & Strategies)

To help increase the success of your end-of-year fundraiser, we created a guide that will help plan your event. We’ll review the importance of the holiday giving season and the best practices to follow when it comes to planning your campaign.

Dealer Spotlight: Music City Fundraising

Music City Fundraising is known for going above and beyond to make its fundraising programs as stress-free as possible for groups. You see, at Music City Fundraising, November is not the start of the season of giving because, for this dealership, the giving season never stops.

Giving Tuesday: Advantages of Hosting a Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Since 2012, Giving Tuesday has become one of the most charitable days of the year. That’s why, for nonprofits, charitable organizations, and fundraising groups, it is the perfect opportunity to attract new supporters and raise more money.

Dealership Spotlight: 5 Star Fundraising

For October, we are shining the spotlight on 5 Star Fundraising. Since joining the Butter Braid® Fundraising team in 2007, 5 Star Fundraising has distinguished itself with the high-quality products and superior customer service that it brings to each of its fundraising groups.

Tips on Writing the Perfect Thank-You Letter + Examples

A thank-you letter is a very powerful tool. It helps to engage and retain supporters as well as make them feel appreciated for their contributions. Read to find our top tips and a few examples you can customize for your next fundraiser.

Dealership Spotlight: Uplifting Promotions

Uplifting Promotions joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising family in 2005. For 17 years, Uplifting Promotions has been committed to offering superior customer service and simple fundraising programs to help group leaders, teachers, and volunteers reach their fundraising goals.

How to Ask Someone to Buy from a Fundraiser (Tips and Examples)

When it comes to hosting a successful fundraiser, a good way to start is by preparing your sellers to ask for support from people in the community. That leads to the age-old fundraising question: how do you ask for donations?

Dealership Spotlight: LaBraid Fundraising

Since the dealership first partnered with the Butter Braid® brand in 1992, the team at LaBraid Fundraising has distinguished themselves with their superior customer service, high-quality products, and dedication to helping their fundraising groups achieve their goals.  

4 Simple Steps to Fundraising Success

In a Butter Braid® Fundraising program, any fundraising campaign can be broken down into four simple steps: set up, kick off, promote & sell, and pick up & delivery. These four steps come together to form your own personal roadmap that will lead you to fundraising success.

Over $350 Million Raised for Non-Profit Groups Across the Nation

Since 1991, Country Maid, Inc. and Butter Braid® Pastries have helped raise over $305 million for thousands of great causes. Together they have changed the lives of millions of people, proving they are dedicated to “Sharing the Good”.

Dealership Spotlight: Bee’s Fundraising

For the owner of Bee’s Fundraising, there is no greater joy than helping groups achieve their fundraising goals. That’s why he has dedicated himself to helping local groups and giving them new experiences with his dealership’s easy-to-run fundraising programs.

Four Cheese & Herb Pepperoni Pizza

Recipe courtesy of Stoller Fundraising. If you’re looking to try a new kind of pizza pie, the makers of the Butter Braid® Pastry have just the thing for you. One bite into this Four Cheese & Herb Pepperoni Pizza, and you’ll know this will be a moment worth savoring.

Dealership Spotlight: High Profit Fundraising

High Profit Fundraising has been owned by the Rodgers family for 17 years. This family puts a lot of heart into their fundraisers. Through their love of fundraising and their love of helping others, the Rodgers are able to go above and beyond and help each group achieve their goals.

10 Tips for Your Next Fundraiser

We here at the Butter Braid® brand, with the help of our network of over 75 fundraising dealerships, have been helping groups reach their fundraising goals for over 30 years. So, we have used our 30 years of expertise to compile 10 tips to help you plan your next fundraiser.

Dealership Spotlight: Partners for Profit Fundraising

The family behind Partners for Profit has loved every minute of their time in the fundraising industry. For them, it’s more than just a chance to help groups raise funds. Each fundraiser is a chance to “Share the Good” and spread positivity in their community.

Tips to Keep Supporters Coming Back

People who have bought from you in the past are more likely to buy from you again. That’s why focusing on people who have already supported you is so important. Here are 3 simple ways to turn the people in your community into lifelong supporters of your group.

Dealership Spotlight: Wyhe’s Choice Fundraising

Since 1999, Wyhe’s Choice Fundraising has been guiding each of their groups through every step of the fundraising process. This dealership’s personalized customer service is why groups want to fundraise with them again and again.

4 Reasons Why Shorter is Better

Fundraisers that are short and to the point tend to be the ones that work the best. We have four reasons why, when it comes to fundraising, shorter is better. We also include a sample timeline to give you a rough idea of what to expect from a fundraiser with a short turnaround time.

Dealership Spotlight: Golden Rule Fundraising

The Spragues have always made family their top priority, both their own and the ones all throughout the community they serve. Now, almost 20 years later, Golden Rule Fundraising is still going the extra mile to make its groups feel like part of the fundraising family.

Shamrock Cinnamon Pastry Roll

Courtesy of MCM Fundraising.
This Shamrock Pastry Roll is a real crowd pleaser, sure to shine at any St. Patrick’s Day brunch or dinner. All you need is a package of Cinnamon Butter Braid Pastry Rolls and pinch of creativity to make this fun dessert and guarantee yourself a lucky day.

Dealership Spotlight: Diamond Fundraising

From the very beginning, the owner of Diamond Fundraising has been providing the fundraising groups of north Texas with simple programs and delicious pastries. Now, she’s preparing for another decade of guiding her groups down the path toward fundraising success.

Who Should You Sell To? Tips to Find Supporters for Your Fundraiser

Have your sellers had a hard time finding people to support their fundraiser in the past? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to help you and your sellers find supporters for your next fundraiser.

Dealership Spotlight: Fresh Alternative Fundraising

Fresh Alternative Fundraising, LLC is a family-owned business that opened its doors over two decades ago. Since the beginning, the family behind this dealership has made it their mission to make fundraising as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Double Your Fundraisers & Double Your Success

To make this your most successful fundraising year yet, we are recommending groups plan two fundraisers in 2022. When you double your fundraisers, you can double your success and help your group achieve bigger and better things in the coming year.

Dealership Spotlight: EZ Fundraising

EZ Fundraising became an exclusive dealer of Butter Braid® Pastries in 2008. Since then, they’ve been providing the fundraising groups of Utah with top customer service and delicious pastries, a tradition the team at EZ Fundraising looks forward to continuing for years to come.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This holiday season, we want to help you spread goodwill to everyone in your community by giving you a festive way to share a little Christmas magic. Instead of drummers drumming, golden rings, or partridges in pear trees, give the gift that keeps on giving, give a Butter Braid® Pastry.

Dealership Spotlight: Smoky Mountain Fundraising

Since the beginning, Smoky Mountain Fundraising’s mission has been to help families in the community get the opportunity to make special memories through fundraising. Because, for this dealership, family is everything.

How to Increase Seller Participation

Much of a fundraiser’s success depends upon a high level of seller involvement. If a group has more sellers, they’re more likely to sell more items and raise more funds. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to increase seller participation in your next fundraiser.

How Long Should Your Fundraiser Be?

Running a fundraiser for your group requires a lot of planning, especially when it comes to the timing of your event. It can be difficult for group leaders to know how long their fundraiser should be. Here is what you should consider when planning the length of your fundraiser.

Dealership Spotlight: Show Me Dough Fundraising

Show Me Dough has been selling Butter Braid® Pastries for almost 30 years. This dealership is always there, making sure their groups have everything they need and dedicating themselves to enriching the lives of people throughout the community.

What to Know Before Running an Online Fundraiser

Planning and implementing a virtual event can be challenging for those who have never experienced one before. If you’re considering running an online fundraiser, check out our list of things you need to consider before taking your fundraiser virtual.

Dealership Spotlight: Sweet T Fundraising

Terry believes true happiness is found in helping others. When he started Sweet T Fundraising 3 years ago, Terry wanted the business to do more than host successful fundraisers. He wanted to use it to share his love of giving with everyone in his community.

The Best Time to Start Your Fall Fundraiser

Fall is the busiest season for fundraising, and the success of your event could very well depend on when you start. So, when is the best time for you and your group to host a fundraising event? Here’s what you need to consider when scheduling the start of your fall fundraiser.

Dealership Spotlight: Sweet Manna Fundraising

Sweet Manna Fundraising is a newer dealership that opened in South Carolina just four years ago. In that short time, this dealership has dedicated itself to helping the people who need it most and giving them new opportunities with their easy-to-run fundraising programs.

Tips for First-Time Fundraising Leader

Is this your first time as a fundraising leader? Are you feeling a little nervous about your new role? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! The Butter Braid® brand has come up with 10 tips for first-time fundraising leaders to get you started. You’ll be fundraising like a pro in no time.

Dealership Spotlight: Success N Fundraising

Success N Fundraising started fundraising with Butter Braid® Pastries in 2004. Since the beginning, they’ve made it their mission to be problem-solvers. They wanted to be the ones offering the solution that people needed, so they could better serve everyone.

10 Ways Fundraising Enriches Kids’ Lives

When you host a fundraiser, you are doing more than organizing an event or raising money. You are improving the skills and education of children in your community. As a fundraising coordinator, you are enriching kids’ lives, often in more ways than you will ever know.

Everything Mommyhood: Butter Braid® Pastry Review & Giveaway

by Everything Mommyhood
Who can turn down yummy pastries straight from the oven? Personally, I know my family couldn’t, so that’s why I said yes to working with Butter Braid® Pastries. I love give that fresh, baked at home taste.

How to Get Parents Involved in Fundraising

If you can get parents involved in the fundraising process, you have a much higher chance of reaching your goals. If you want to get more parents fundraising, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with 5 easy ways to get busy parents involved in the fundraising process.

Dealership Spotlight: Kittelson Marketing Company

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Kittelson Marketing Company. Since the beginning, they’ve been providing quality products and outstanding customer service, striving to make fundraising as easy as possible for their groups.

Tips to Make Your Fundraising Delivery Day a Breeze

Being prepared for your fundraiser’s delivery day is essential. It requires advanced planning and coordination. Here are some things you can do to help ensure delivery day for your school or group goes off without a hitch.

Dealership Spotlight: Legacy Fundraising Partners

We are celebrating the achievements of Legacy Fundraising Partners. For almost 15 years, Legacy Fundraising Partners has distinguished itself by providing superior service and support to all their fundraising groups.

Benefits of Online Fundraising

Online fundraising has become a favorite option for many groups. When coupled with traditional paper fundraisers, online fundraising has had great success with groups all around the country. This list will help you decide if running a virtual fundraiser is right for your group.

Dealership Spotlight: BB West Fundraising

Since 1996, the team at BB West Fundraising has been devoted to “sharing the good” and helping people in their local communities through fundraisers. No cause is too big or too small because, for this dealership, serving others is what brings them the greatest joy.

Heart Cinnamon Pastry Rolls

Share the good on Valentine’s Day by giving the ones you love a gift from the heart. These heart-shaped treats are made from Butter Braid brand cinnamon pastry rolls and feature our famous cream cheese icing. Now, you just have to decide how you want to decorate them!

Dealership Spotlight: Emch Fundraising

Emch Fundraising is a family-owned business that has been with us since 2004. For almost 2 decades, they have been committed to offering exceptional yet simple fundraising programs to groups, teams, and organizations to help them reach their goals every year.

The Soccer Mom Blog: 10 Ways to Help Your Community During a Crisis

by the Soccer Mom Blog
I put together this list to share some of the ways our family has tried to help out in our community, as well as ideas from some of my creative friends. I hope it inspires you to get involved, even from home!

Setting Fundraising Goals for the New Year

Setting goals is important, especially if you are running a fundraiser. They help you organize your time and resources, so you can make the most out of your fundraiser. We want to give you some strategies that will help you set great goals for your fundraisers in the coming year.

Top 5 Christmas Goodies We Look Forward to Every Year

It’s our favorite time of the year because we get to be a part of creating the memorable experiences and holiday traditions that families hold dear. We’ve put together a list of 5 Christmas goodies to help celebrate with your family and friends. 

Dealership Spotlight: Foothill Fundraising

Foothill Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® fundraising team 12 years ago. The dealership is famous for the unwavering support they provide to their groups, helping each one from the beginning to the very end of their fundraiser. Which is why groups love to work with them again and again.

Butter Braid® Pastry Ring

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the makers of Butter Braid® pastries have a unique way to dress up your holiday table. This year serve your family and friends a beautiful pastry ring featuring our one and only Butter Braid pastries. It is guaranteed to impress everyone who comes to your home for the holidays.

Using Social Media to Increase Fundraising Success

Social media should play a big role in your fundraising marketing plan. No matter what type of fundraiser you’re running, you can reach more potential customers with social media than other forms of communication.

5 Ways to Increase Teacher Involvement in School Fundraisers

School fundraisers that include teachers as part of their marketing strategy are more likely to succeed than ones that don’t. The people behind the Butter Braid® brand know how important teachers are when it comes to fundraising.

Dealership Spotlight: First Choice Fundraising

First Choice Fundraising is an exclusive dealership that has been selling Butter Braid® pastries for over 15 years. The team at First Choice Fundraising loves the work they do, and they hope to continue helping groups make their dreams happen for decades to come.

Dealership Spotlight: Liberty Fundraising

Liberty Fundraising has been “helping others helps themselves” with Butter Braid pastry fundraisers for almost two decades. During this time, the team at Liberty Fundraising has provided unwavering support and optimism to local communities by helping groups reach their goals.

How Kids Benefit from Fundraising

Fundraising provides multiple learning opportunities for the kids who participate; talking with potential customers, handling money, managing orders, and working with others will help kids develop new and important skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.

Dealership Spotlight: Big Sky Fundraising

Big Sky Fundraising joined the Butter Braid brand in 2017. It is owned by Chris and Joy Skovira. The Skoviras put a lot of heart into their fundraisers because they care so much about the causes and groups they serve, and that extra care is why groups love to work with them.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Butter Braid® Brand

Many of you are loyal Butter Braid® pastry fans. You’ve been following the company since the very beginning, so you know a lot. But there are still some things that maybe even our most dedicated customers don’t know.

Dealership Spotlight: Rite Bite Fundraising

The dealership we’re featuring is one of our largest and has been with the Butter Braid® brand for two decades, but their connection to the brand started long before that. From the very beginning, Rite Bite Fundraising has gone the extra mile to make the groups they serve feel like part of their family.

Butter Braid® Pastry Reviews: Stories from Our Customers

We’ve been sharing our products with people for over 25 years. And people are glad we do! Don’t take our word for it. Our customers will tell you themselves; they can’t get enough of Butter Braid products.  Check out this list of Butter Braid pastry customer reviews!

Dealership Spotlight: JMC Fundraising

JMC Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® brand in 2012. It was started by one woman who was just looking for a way to support her family. Now, over a decade later, that woman has not only helped her own family but hundreds of others throughout the Georgia area.

Dealership Spotlight: 1st Class Fundraisers

1st Class Fundraisers is in the spotlight for March. The owners of 1st Class Fundraisers have been working in the fundraising industry for over 30 years, and they use their years of experience to create a variety of profitable fundraisers that are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Fun, Cost-Effective Incentives to Get Kids More Involved in Fundraising

Organizing a fundraiser is not the easiest thing to do. It can be difficult to get children engaged. We’d like to give you some different options to reward your students for fundraising.

Dealership Spotlight: Integrity Fundraising

It’s time for February’s “Dealership Spotlight,” and this month we’ll be introducing you to Integrity Fundraising. Integrity Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® family in 1997. Since then, it has become one of the premier fundraising organization to Colorado communities.

4 Reasons Why Spring is a Great Time for Fundraising

There are many reasons why you should be taking advantage of this lull and booking a fundraiser. We here at the Butter Braid® brand have put together a list of 4 reasons why spring is the perfect time for your group to run a fundraiser.

Dealership Spotlight: Freckled Moose Fundraising

We’re kicking off our “Dealership Spotlight” segment with Freckled Moose Fundraising. They have been a part of the Butter Braid® family for about 20 years. During that time, they have helped thousands of groups reach their fundraising goals.

5 Reasons Why Butter Braid Pastries Make the Best Gifts

Do you need help coming up with the perfect gift? Well, the people that make Butter Braid® pastries are here to tell you exactly why you should get your family one of our delicious desserts.

Braided Candy Cane

Brighten up your holiday party with a festive Butter Braid® pastry treat. We’re sharing our holiday masterpiece with you. Roll up your sleeves and get your bake on this Christmas! Make your own candy cane Butter Braid pastry!

New Look, Same Great Taste

The Butter Braid® brand has a new look! We’ve updated our logo, typeface, colors, packaging, marketing materials, and even created a new tagline.

Bavarian Crème is Back!

Customers have begged us to bring it back; they’ve pleaded for its return. Well, this season, their pleas have been answered. The Bavarian Crème Butter Braid® pastry is making a comeback this fall!

Cinnamon Pastry Roll is Back!

The Butter Braid® brand has some exciting news for the 2019 fall fundraising season. The Cinnamon Pastry Roll is returning to the product line up!

Cream Cheese Jalapeño Bread

Add some spice to your life with this savory Butter Braid® pastry recipe. Hot jalapenos and cool cream cheese will bring some flair to your next dinner.

Strawberry Banana Split Dessert

Chocolate pastry, strawberry mousse, and banana whipped cream upgrades the traditional banana split and makes a perfect treat for your summer vacation.

Cream Cheese Delight

If you need more chocolate in your life, and everyone does, try this recipe. It takes a classic cream cheese pastry and fills it with chocolatey goodness.

Strawberry French Toast

Strawberries & French toast belong together, and they belong on your breakfast menu. This recipe makes the most important meal of the day also the tastiest.

Rainbow Fruit Pizza

Add a splash of color to your diet with our new, fruit-filled recipe. Blueberries, peaches, and raspberries are piled high to make this breakfast treat.

Apple Pastry Pork Chop Sandwich

People will go hog wild for this fall dish. Full of mouthwatering, well-balanced flavors, it’s great for a busy weeknight or a fancy dinner party.

Cream Cheese Pastry with Curried Shrimp

Next time you need to bring an appetizer to a party, whip up this creamy, flavorful dish. It’s a savory treat that will have people begging for more.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pastry

Have the ultimate comfort food with the Butter Braid pastry recipe for a chicken bacon ranch pastry. It’s creamy, cheesy, and loaded with chicken – what more could you want?

Caramel Apple Danish

Make a brunch that is to die for with this delightful treat. The flaky crust, tender apples, and caramel topping will have you starting the day off right.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Muffins are good for any event, from a basic brunch to a fancy feast. And these goodies will be a hit at either.

Mini Pizza Bites

Make your kids day with a great after-school snack. These cheesy pizza bites, made with a perfect Butter Braid® shell, are sure to make you mom of the year!

Butter Braid® Pastry Bites

Everything is better when it’s bite-sized! These perfectly portioned apple delicacies are a great addition to any party, proving that size does matter. Makes 12.

Apple Pastry Fries

This is the perfect treat for a chilly fall afternoon. Crisp apples and sweet cinnamon dipped in caramel sauce are sure to warm up any Autumn day. Try one today!

Buffalo Chicken Braid

Buffalo chicken isn’t just for game days. Combine classic flavors with a rich Butter Braid® pastry to make a creamy treat that is sure to spice up your night!

Braided Apple Bacon Melt

Treat yourself to a restaurant-quality sandwich at home. The smooth Monterey cheese and smoky bacon flavors are a combination you won’t want to miss.

Hawaiian Braided Pizza

Say aloha to a new take on the Hawaiian pizza. It’s salty, sweet, cheesy and absolutely delicious. So, go ahead and put pineapple on your pizza; we insist.

Glazed Monkey Bread

You will go ape for our Butter Braid® monkey bread. This pull-apart dessert is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s sweet and sticky, and it disappears fast.

Bite-Size Butter Braid® Pastry Trifle

This delicious dessert is easy to make, fun to look at, and something the whole family will enjoy. Our Butter Braid® trifle is sure to sweeten up your day.

Top Ten List for You to have a Great Fundraiser!

Are you participating in a Butter Braid® pastry fundraiser this year? Having trouble reaching your goal? We’re here to help. Use this list of 10 things you can do to make sure you have a great fundraiser.

Double Your Fundraising Sales Results

Getting everyone in your group to participate in a fundraising sale can make a big difference in your success! Check out the infographic to see how you could double your fundraising sales.

10 Tips To A Successful Sales Fundraiser

Make any sales fundraiser a success by following these 10 tips for a successful sales fundraiser. The Butter Braid brand wants you to have the most successful fundraiser possible.

3 Hidden Costs That Hurt Sales

Be on the lookout! There are many elements within a fundraiser that can “cost” you extra.
Time – time is money
Quality – the product matters
Unknowns – read the fine print

3 Tips to A Successful Fundraising Kick Off

A parent meeting with sellers is key! It’s crucial they understand the importance of the fundraiser-i.e. what the money is going towards, why it’s necessary, and what impact will it have on their child.

Focus on the Dollars and Cents – Not the Profit Percents!

When it comes to fundraising, a wise man once said, “You can’t deposit percents into your bank account.” What you can deposit, is a high, per-item profit on each item sold!

10 Tips for Higher Fundraiser Sales

An important factor for increasing your fundraising sales and ultimately the success of your fundraiser is how well the fundraiser is promoted. Check out our Top 10 Tips to Increase Fundraiser Sales and Success! It will help you raise funds.

4 Simple Ways To Evaluate Your Fundraiser

You’ve met your goal and you think “success”. But is it true? How do you know you couldn’t have raised more? Doing a fundraiser evaluation is so important. Here are four ways to evaluate your fundraiser.

10 Ways to Stay Optimistic in Fundraising

Plan Your Week and Day – Having a clear fundraising plan in mind can greatly reduce stress and planning priorities for the day and week gives us a peace of mind. It’s simple: Clearly define your fundraising goals.

Butter Braid Pastries and Almond Glaze Recipe

by A Mom’s Take
It’s back to school time, which also means back to fundraisers. Butter Braid pastries are a unique fundraiser that families will love to buy to help support your cause!

Butter Braid® Pastries Fundraising Review & #Giveaway

by Mommies with Cents
I made this awesome pastry the other day. It was a Butter Braid pastry, a hand-braided pastry filled with fruit and cream fillings.

Country Maid was showcased on “Manufacturing Marvels®”

Country Maid, makers of the Butter Braid pastry, has been featured on Manufacturing Marvels on The Fox Business Network. It was showcased on September 22, 2015.

Country Maid featured on Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” segment featuring Butter Braid® Pastries

Country Maid, makers of the famous Butter Braid® pastries was featured on Discovery Channel’s hit program, How It’s Made.