Butter Braid® Brand Fundraising

Our company focus for over 20 years has been providing fundraising groups like yours across the nation with personalized service through local dealers, simple and effective fundraising programs, and top notch products.

It's all about three things:

Great Experience... Simple Program... Proven Products... 

Calendars fill up fast! Get your Butter Braid pastry fundraiser started soon by contacting your local dealer!


Great Experience

Fundraising is a rewarding experience when you have the right partner! You will find your local Butter Braid pastry dealer very pleasant and easy to work with. Your group members will be excited to sell such a delicious and high quality product. And we know that your consumers will be pleased to receive Butter Braid pastries in return for their support of your efforts! Read other's experiences with Butter Braid pastry fundraising here.

Simple Program

We make things as simple, easy and stress-free as possible. You will enjoy high profits per unit, free order forms, and an awesome local support staff to work with. Contact your local dealer to find out more details.

Proven Products

Our Butter Braid pastry products have enjoyed over 20 years of success in the fundraising market. Over 75% of our calls in a day are requests for more! That is great news for fundraising groups because Butter Braid pastries can't be found anywhere else! Since we provide Butter Braid pastry products exclusively to the fundraising market, customers are only able to get more through the support of a local fundraiser - your fundraiser! This creates a high demand for repeat sales and guarantees that consumers will be happy when you come knocking at their doors! Read what consumers have had to say about our products here.