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Dealership Spotlight: Liberty Fundraising

Summer is here and so is July’s “Dealership Spotlight” post. This month is all about celebrating freedom, independence, and community, so we wanted to feature a dealership that embodies all these ideals, right down to its name. Liberty Fundraising has been “helping others helps themselves” with Butter Braid® Pastry fundraisers for almost two decades. During this time, the team at Liberty Fundraising has provided unwavering support and optimism to local communities, quickly becoming known as a dealership that will do whatever it takes to help their groups reach their fundraising goals.


Joel Wegener always wanted to own his own business. However, he was far too busy with his career in education, and he just couldn’t find the right time to start. Then, one day, Joel heard there was an opportunity to open a fundraising dealership in his area. After looking into it, Joel knew this was the perfect opportunity for him to finally achieve his dream. He accepted it as a God-given challenge. Joel opened Liberty Fundraising in August of 2002.

Currently in Loveland, Ohio, Liberty Fundraising has done a lot of growing over the years. The business office moved from Joel’s house to a bigger, rented space. He added warehouse space, installed a freezer, and purchased several freezer vehicles. Joel also hired more workers to help support him, so he could continue to grow his business. One of those new workers is his daughter Martha, who has been a big help with sales, marketing, and deliveries. And these new additions have paid off because Liberty Fundraising is now able to help more groups than ever reach their fundraising goals.

Fundraising Groups

The team at Liberty Fundraising delivers the best service because they believe they serve the best people. Joel and his team love helping groups attain the financial freedom needed to achieve their dreams. Over the years, they have helped groups raise money for band trips, school choirs, cheer uniforms, educational tools, mission trips, and more. The Liberty Fundraising team never backs down from a challenge, and this attitude has allowed them to help raise over $4 million for many great, local causes.

Groups love working with Liberty Fundraising because the dealership never fails to provide the best support, no matter the challenges. Angela Page, a local group leader, said, “Our fundraiser started before the stay-at-home orders from the governor went into effect. Joel was absolutely amazing about being flexible with delivery and called several times to make sure things were going well. He wanted to be as helpful as possible, and he was. We will definitely be using Liberty Fundraising again for our fundraisers.”

What Joel Wants People To Know

Joel and his dealership have done a lot for the communities he serves, but he isn’t one to take credit. Instead, he very humbly attributes his good fortune and success to the help of all the people around him. “In the 17+ years of running Liberty Fundraising, there have been many challenges, funny stories, and exciting things to happen,” Joel explains. “To the extent that I have been successful, I give credit to God, my family, the workers that have come to my aid during critical times, and Country Maid, Inc. There have been enough ‘God moments’ to keep me optimistic and enough challenges to keep me humble. I cannot emphasis enough my appreciation for the Country Maid family. My advice to others is nothing new or original, but it is very true: work like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God.”

Liberty Fundraising has been a great addition to the Butter Braid brand, and we are very thankful to have had them with us for the last two decades. Joel and his team bring a lot of heart to the business and to the communities they serve. If you are looking to run a fundraiser in the Cincinnati and southwest Ohio area, get in contact with Liberty Fundraising. You’ll be in great hands with them; after all, there’s nothing better than liberty.

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