Hidden Costs that Hurt Sales infographic

3 Hidden Costs That Hurt Sales

Be on the lookout! There are many elements within a fundraiser that can “cost” you extra. These 3 hidden costs are the ones you have to watch out for the most.

1. Time

Time is money. Stick to a simple, short program that keeps excitement and sales high! A complex, drawn out fundraiser can leave a bad impression on participants as motivation fades and sales dwindle. A program with a short window of sales and fast turnaround time is great to keep sales up.

2. Quality

The product matters. Make sure you choose to sell a product that is well liked so customers feel good about their purchase. This leads to high repeat sales the next time you offer the fundraiser. That’s why so many groups choose to fundraise with Butter Braid® Pastries! Our products are braided by hand and filled with a variety of delicious fillings. Customers can’t get enough of them, so repeat sales are always high!

3. Unknowns

Read the fine print. Be sure to watch for extra costs, such as getting stuck with a product you have to purchase up-front or built-in costs for prize program funds.

Don’t let these 3 hidden costs hurt your fundraising sales. Pick the right program, with the right products, and you’ll be on your way to fundraising success.

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