Double Your Fundraising Sales Results

Double Your Fundraising Sales Results

on October 7, 2019

Getting everyone in your group to participate in a fundraising sale can make a big difference in your success!

Check out the infographic to see how much of a difference! You could double your fundraising sales results!

Let’s say your group has 100 people in it. And your goal is for each participating member to sell 6 items with your group receiving $5.00 in profit per item. When only 50 people sell, your group will make $1,500 in profit. If 75 people sell, your group makes $2,250 in profit. If everyone sells, your group makes $3,000 in profit. 

Math doesn’t lie! When everyone participates you double your fundraising sales!

Three simple things to increase your participation today:

  • Set goals for each individual seller and for your group as a whole.
  • Communication is key! Involve your sellers, group leaders, and parents.
  • Motivation will encourage your more people to sell. Reward participation with prizes and incentives.

Talk to your local fundraising expert today to find out other ways to improve your fundraising sales results!

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