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5 Ways to Increase Teacher Involvement in School Fundraisers

When it comes to fundraising, everyone focuses on the students and the parents. The big kickoff event is to get students excited while the information packets are to inform parents about the particulars of the fundraiser. But what about the teachers?

School fundraisers that include teachers as part of their marketing strategy are more likely to succeed than ones that don’t. During the school year, teachers are the only ones who see students as often as their parents, so they have the perfect opportunity to remind students to fundraise. The people behind the Butter Braid® brand know how important teachers are when it comes to fundraising. So, we’re giving you 5 simple and easy ways to increase teacher involvement in your school’s next fundraiser.

1. Have an informational get-together just for teachers

Taking the time to sit down and talk with teachers about your upcoming fundraising efforts is very important. It allows you time to explain all the particulars of the fundraiser: what program you’re using, what your goal is, and how the money will benefit the school. This also gives the teachers an opportunity to ask questions.

2. Use some of the profits to ease the financial strain on teachers

According to a poll done by the New York Times, over 90% of teachers use their own money to help purchase school supplies. This is happening all over the United States, and it puts teachers in a very difficult financial situation. So why not alleviate the burden by sharing your fundraising profits with the teachers? You can increase teacher involvement by showing them how their contributions haven’t gone unnoticed.

3. Don’t overburden them with excess tasks

Teachers are very busy, and they often don’t have time to take on a lot of extra tasks. Let them know that the most important thing they can do during the fundraiser is give their kids a daily reminder to sell. Some teachers may come up with more creative ways to encourage their kids, like a classroom BINGO. Just keep these duties to a minimum, and let the teachers know you respect their time.

4. Include teacher incentives in your program

During your informational fundraising meeting, let your teachers know that you are also providing them with a chance to earn prizes. Teachers may be more willing to get involved if they know they will also get something in return. For example, give the teacher with the highest classroom sales a gift card or reward the one with the highest participation rate a day of PTO.

5. Show your gratitude

Most teachers are already aware of why fundraising is important and how students and the school benefit. So, they already want to do anything they can to help. The easiest thing you can do to increase teacher involvement is let them know you appreciate everything they’ve already done and are very grateful for any extra help they’re willing to offer.

Teachers are the backbone of our schools. Their hard work and dedication keep their school running. Which is why they can also be the most important part of your school’s fundraising efforts. If the teachers are excited about something, they share that enthusiasm with their students. So, if you want to increase student participation in your next fundraiser, you should focus on first getting your teachers involved. With their help, you can go above and beyond your fundraising goals.

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