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Dealership Spotlight: EZ Fundraising

It’s time for our last “Dealership Spotlight” of 2021. To end the year, we’re featuring a dealership that has been going out of its way to help groups help themselves for over a decade. EZ Fundraising has been an exclusive dealer of Butter Braid® Pastries since 2008. Since the very beginning, they’ve been providing the fundraising groups of Utah with top customer service and delicious pastries; a tradition the team behind EZ Fundraising looks forward to continuing for many years to come.


The story of EZ Fundraising actually starts as the story of Rocky Mountain Fundraising. In 2006, Rocky Mountain Fundraising was the exclusive Butter Braid Pastry dealership for Utah. At that time, Edie Morgan was working for the business as a sales representative. Unfortunately, during that year, the owner fell ill and needed to sell his business.

After two years with the dealership, Edie had fallen in love with the business’ mission of “Helping Others Help Themselves” and wanted to do her part to continue helping groups in the area raise money for local causes. This job was also unique in that it let her work from home and raise her family while contributing financially to the household. In the end, Edie and her husband decided to buy the dealership and go on being part of such a wonderful network of Butter Braid Fundraising dealerships. On September 1st, 2008, Edie officially became the owner of her own fundraising business in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Changes to the Dealership

The biggest change Edie made to the dealership was its name. Instead of keeping it Rocky Mountain Fundraising, she decided to call her business EZ Fundraising. Her reasoning behind choosing this name is very creative. The “e” comes from her first name while the three lines in the “z” each represent one of the three kids she and her husband had at the time. When they had their fourth child, they named him Zach, so he could be represented in the name, too.

In the last few years, Edie has been joined in the business by her sister and brother-in-law, Karen and Paul West. Paul is in charge of deliveries and brags about his role as CTO or Chief Transportation Officer while Karen works behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Edie is very grateful to have them both supporting her and her dealership because, in her eyes, it makes it even more of a family business.

Fundraising Groups

Edie is very grateful that she took the leap and opened EZ Fundraising. She loves representing such a unique product that people just can’t get enough of. In fact, Edie says group leaders are always telling her that their supporters are constantly waiting for them to run another Butter Braid Pastry fundraiser. Edie also says the groups she meets through EZ Fundraising are absolutely incredible. Getting the opportunity to help people who are trying so hard to help themselves is a very fulfilling part of her job. Most importantly, Edie says she loves getting the opportunity to teach the kids she works with the principle of working hard for something they care about. She really believes it makes the reward even greater when they have to go out and raise the money for themselves.

EZ Fundraising has worked with over 1,000 groups throughout the years. The dealership has helped them raise funds for everything from choir tours, competition fees, cheer nationals, club fees, costumes, class projects, and even a heart transplant. Since 2008, EZ Fundraising has helped groups raise over $1 million for local causes.

Groups rave about their experience with EZ Fundraising. According to a local group leader, Tracy S., EZ Fundraising really lives up to its name, “I have no problem whatsoever in promoting the sale of these pastries. I actually feel guilty if I don’t tell people about them. When encouraging people to participate, I tell them this fundraiser is nothing like I have ever done before. Seriously, the easiest, most profitable, and most rewarding experience in nearly three decades of experiencing fundraisers…and the owners are so wonderful to work with.”

Fundraising Story

In her many years working in the fundraising business, Edie has become quite an expert when it comes to running fundraisers. However, even after almost 15 years of service, she is still experiencing plenty of firsts. Recently, she was preparing for a kick-off event by baking up some pastries for the group to taste. When it was time to ice the pastries, Edie was busy on the phone, so she didn’t notice what frosting she picked up for each pastry. This led to her putting the chocolate frosting on the Cinnamon pastry and the vanilla on the Bavarian Crème pastry. Surprisingly, the group still ate it. “Maybe I’ve created a new flavor trend,” she jokes when remembering the error. Maybe if your group signs up for one of her fundraisers, you’ll get to experience one of her flavor creations for yourself.

EZ Fundraising has been a great dealership to work with these past 13 years, and we are very grateful to have them as part of the Butter Braid Fundraising family. If you’re in the Utah area and looking to run a fundraiser, give Edie Morgan a call today or sign up online. Her wonderful customer service and years of experience will have you on the fast track to fundraising success. Fundraising has never been easier than when you do it with EZ Fundraising.

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Website: https://ezfundraisingutah.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ezfundraisingutah/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/butter.braid.pastries.utah/

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