Family opening presents around the Christmas tree - Gift that keeps on giving

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Christmas is a time for giving; it’s the season of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Simply, Christmas is when we “Share the Good” with family, friends, and strangers alike. That’s why it is one of our favorite times of year. This holiday season, we want to help you spread goodwill to everyone in your community by giving you a festive way to share a little Christmas magic. Instead of drummers drumming, golden rings, or partridges in pear trees, give the gift that keeps on giving, give a Butter Braid® Pastry.

What Makes a Butter Braid Pastry Such a Special Gift?

When you give the gift of a Butter Braid Pastry, you are giving so much more than just a pastry. You’re starting a tradition of kids waking up early and rushing downstairs for a special holiday breakfast before opening their stockings. You’re making memories with family and friends as they gather around the table at Christmas to share stories and various sweet treats.

When you give a Butter Braid Pastry, you’re telling the people around you that you appreciate them. You’re saying you want to spend time with loved ones and want to help others do the same. You’re saying they are important to you.

With a Butter Braid Pastry, you’re doing more than giving a Christmas present. You’re sharing the Christmas spirit. That’s something that will make everyone’s holiday a little brighter…and a lot tastier.

How Does Giving a Butter Braid Pastry Help My Community?

With a Butter Braid Pastry, you aren’t just buying a gift for a friend or a treat to put on your holiday table. You’re also supporting local groups. Butter Braid Pastries are fundraising-exclusive products. Groups sell these pastries to help raise money for non-profits, community organizations, clubs, and school functions. When you purchase one from a local fundraiser, you help someone in your area get one step closer to meeting their fundraising goal. That’s why we call the Butter Braid Pastry “the gift that keeps on giving”!

Who Should I Share a Pastry With this Christmas?

All Butter Braid Pastry Packages with bows under a Christmas tree

So, you’ve found a local fundraiser selling Butter Braid Pastries, and you’ve bought a few to help support their cause. Now, who is the perfect person to gift one to? Who in your life would most enjoy getting a delicious, homemade-tasting pastry? The answer? Everyone!

Give a pastry to your co-workers, managers, neighbors, teachers, mail carriers, and anyone else who has touched your life throughout the year. Any one of them would appreciate getting a hand-braided pastry jam-packed with their favorite filling. Once they have that first bite, they’ll be eager to get even more pastries for themselves and to share with family and friends. That means they’ll also go on to support more local fundraisers, and the gift just keeps on giving.

If you still need more convincing, check out our blog post where we tell you exactly why Butter Braid® Pastries make the perfect gift.

Spread some Christmas cheer this year by giving a gift that makes a difference in your community and beyond. Butter Braid Pastries have been baking spirits bright for 30 years; get one to share with your loved ones this holiday season. It’ll go a long way to helping a local organization reach their fundraising goal, and it’s something special everyone will be talking about for years to come.

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