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Dealership Spotlight: LaBraid Fundraising

August has arrived, and it has brought with it a new “Dealership Spotlight” post. This month we’re featuring LaBraid Fundraising out of Indiana. LaBraid Fundraising has been part of the Butter Braid® brand for decades, even before it became the fundraising-exclusive brand you’ve all come to know and love. Since the very beginning, the team at LaBraid Fundraising has distinguished themselves with their superior customer service, high-quality products, and dedication to helping their fundraising groups achieve their goals.


LaBraid Fundraising is owned and operated by an incredibly kind, devoted group of individuals. This group includes Curt and Lyla Frank, Jason Martin, Josh Koch, Scott Kleckner, Shayla Brown, and Jill Lowrey. The business was started by Curt and Lyla Frank in 1992. The couple was looking for a new business opportunity that could replace the family’s dairy farm. They were looking for something unique; something that would allow them to be their own boss, that they could pass down to the next generation, and that would make a difference in their community.

At the time, the Butter Braid brand was just getting started. Marlene and Ken Banwart were thrilled to bring Curt and Lyla on board. In September 1992, the couple started out in a rented building where they were manufacturing the braided pastries themselves. They would continue to do so for the next 12 years. When the brand began to switch over to the fundraising dealership model, Curt and Lyla were ready to do the same with their business. In 1998, they opened LaBraid Fundraising in LaCrosse, Indiana.

Changes to the Dealership

In 2003, LaBraid Fundraising went through a series of big changes. They stopped producing their own product and began to have it shipped in from the main manufacturing facility out of West Bend, Iowa. In that same year, the family built an office and warehouse building on their farmstead, so they could keep the business closer to home.

During that time, the Franks updated many areas of the business to streamline processes and make their fundraising programs as simple and seamless as possible. They also now have a whole team of sales representatives, support staff, and delivery drivers who work together to make each fundraiser a positive and successful event.

Fundraising Groups

It’s been an exciting 30-year journey for the team at LaBraid Fundraising. For them, it’s been a blessing to work with so many wonderful people and help them achieve their goals. They’ll always be so grateful for the relationships they’ve built; both the ones with their fundraising groups and with their fellow team members at LaBraid.

With three decades in the fundraising industry, LaBraid Fundraising has helped just about every group imaginable raise the funds they need. Since 1998, they’ve worked with schools, church groups, bands, choirs, sports teams, fire departments, K9 units, and so many others. To date, they’ve run more than 10,000 fundraisers and helped raise over $15 million.

Sellers and group leaders love the unwavering support they receive from LaBraid Fundraising. It makes the fundraising process so simple and easy. A local group leader from an Indiana Elementary School says, “Their superb product sells itself, but LaBraid makes it easy to facilitate the sales. I recommend LaBraid to you to help you meet your fundraising needs.”

What It’s Like Working at LaBraid Fundraising

After 30 years of owning LaBraid Fundraising, Curt and Lyla Frank are especially grateful for the incredible team they get to work with every day. Their team is just as grateful and appreciative for the opportunity they’ve been given to help others through their work at LaBraid Fundraising.

With so many years in the industry, there have also been some challenges the team has had to weather. In recent years, especially, they’ve been dealing with shortages on all fronts. Jill Lowrey says that you shouldn’t even get her started on the slow Internet services in LaCrosse, IN.

Even though there has been a fair share of difficulties, the team at LaBraid is always looking on the bright side of things. They say there is no shortage of great laughs around the office. When the whole team is together, they know it is going to be a good day.

LaBraid Fundraising has been a wonderful addition to the Butter Braid Fundraising family, and we are very thankful to have had this dealership with us for the last three decades. Curt, Lyla, and their team are an exceptional group of people who truly love what they do and always give 100% to each group they work with. If you are looking to run a fundraiser in central or northern Indiana; east central Illinois; southwest Michigan; or extreme northwest, west central, or southwest Ohio; call LaBraid Fundraising today or reach out on their website. Their superior customer service and years of experience will have you reaching your fundraising goals in no time.

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