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10 Tips To A Successful Sales Fundraiser

Make any sales fundraiser a success by following these 10 tips for a successful sales fundraiser.

1. Make contact with other groups

Be aware of what other fundraisers are going on within the school. Try staggering the fundraisers out or run them together if the merchandise selection is unique.

2. Get everyone on the same page

Have a brief committee meeting to review key dates and activities of the project. Be sure to discuss what their expectations are.

3. Create enough selling time

Schedule your sales so it spans at least two weeks and preferable three weekends. Start on a Thursday or Friday and end on a Monday or Tuesday. Keep it in front of everyone as much as possible. Send filers home, put it in the newsletter, or display on a bulletin board or school website.

4. Kick the fundraiser off right

Get the students and parents excited. If they are excited, they are more likely to participate.

5. Get the message to the parents

Ask the fundraising company to provide samples of their products for the parents and sellers. Consider having them at the school’s open house. Make a display of what the money will be used for if the goal is reached.

6. Put it in writing

Send the product catalog home with a detailed letter attached to the front. Customize the letter with specific information. Include your monetary goal, where the money will be used, key dates, payment instructions, and contact names and numbers.

7. Give frequent reminders

Make several announcements over the course of the sale to remind students about important deadlines and the importance of your fundraiser.

8. Line up volunteers

Volunteers will be needed the day of delivery to help pack and organize the orders. Some students may sell too much for them to carry home. Be aware of this and be prepared to send notices home if that is the case.

9. Make pickup easy

Pick the least disruptive pickup time and location. Set signs around the school to direct parents to the pickup location.

10. Remind everyone why you did this

Whether the money is used for a specific project or general fund, let the teachers, parents, and students know why their effort was worthwhile.

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