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Dealership Spotlight: VIP Fundraising

April is here, and it’s brought with it showers, sunshine, and a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature. This month, we’re introducing you to VIP Fundraising in Brandenburg, Kentucky and its passionate owners Don and Paula Fowler. Don and Paula’s journey with the Butter Braid® brand started all the way back in 2005 when they were teachers simply looking for a way to support local schools and groups. Today, they stand at the helm of a thriving business and are making a lasting impact on their community, one smile and one Butter Braid Pastry at a time.


Before starting their journey as business owners, Don and Paula Fowler were both teachers. As educators, they had extensive experience running fundraisers with schools and clubs. In fact, they had run fundraisers with so many groups, Paula used to joke that she could be a professional fundraiser when she retired. Little did she know how accurate her quip really was.

In 2005, the Fowler children were raising funds for a church mission trip. When it came time to choose a fundraiser to run, Don and Paula recalled a program that someone had told them about previously…a Butter Braid Pastry fundraiser. They loved the brand’s commitment to “Sharing the Good”, so they chose to run that fundraiser for their church. The two were blown away by how successful the fundraiser was and how much people loved the product.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t an active Butter Braid Pastry dealer in their area at the time, so no local groups could sign up to run a pastry fundraiser. But, the people of Kentucky had gotten a taste of the pastries, and they wanted more. Customers kept calling the Fowlers asking when the next fundraiser would be. That’s when the couple began to consider the idea of opening their own fundraising dealership. Neither Don nor Paula was ready to give up their job teaching, but they also loved fundraising and helping others. After talking it over, the Fowlers decided this was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. In March 2005, they opened VIP Fundraising.

Changes to the Dealership

Since Don and Paula already had full-time jobs, VIP Fundraising started as a part-time business for the couple. Through word-of-mouth, the dealership quickly grew, and it began taking more and more of the Fowlers’ time. Eventually, Paula retired from teaching and made owning and operating VIP Fundraising her full-time job while Don continues to contribute to the dealership whenever his teaching schedule allows.

As the dealership grew and their customer base expanded, Don and Paula decided to expand their storage capabilities to accommodate their increasing inventory. They also hired local high school students to assist with sorting orders, allowing them to fulfill deliveries more efficiently. All these changes have not only helped them manage their growing business but also provided a better experience for their customers and fundraising partners.

Fundraising Groups

The most rewarding part of the job for Don and Paula is the joy they bring to their customers. People are always excited to receive their Butter Braid Pastries. Seeing their smiles at deliveries or sample drop offs is just so incredibly fulfilling. For Paula and Don, knowing that they are making a positive impact in their community and helping groups raise funds for their various needs is the ultimate reward.

In the last 19 years, VIP Fundraising has helped many groups raise funds for their important causes. Their fundraisers have supported senior trips, church mission trips, band trips, new uniforms, baby adoptions, pets in need, traveling sports teams, tournament fees, proms, playground equipment, drama productions, and so much more.

A local group leader from southeastern Kentucky had this to say about VIP Fundraising, “You are by far the most organized fundraising dealership I have ever worked with in my life! AWESOME! Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service. Butter Braid Pastries will definitely be a fundraiser I won’t hesitate to recommend to anyone!”

Connect with VIP Fundraising Today!

VIP Fundraising, under the dedicated leadership of Don and Paula Fowler, embodies the spirit of community and compassion. The Fowlers are a positive, dedicated addition to the Butter Braid Fundraising team, and we’ve been so blessed to have them with us for the last 19 years. If you’re looking to run a fundraiser in Kentucky, give VIP Fundraising a call or sign up online today! Don and Paula are always ready to help all the “Very Important People” (parents, students, teachers, coaches, and volunteers) with their “Very Important Purposes”.



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