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4 Reasons Why Spring is a Great Time for Fundraising

Fall is, by far, the busiest season for fundraising. Groups are racing to start the school year off right. They hope that getting an early start and having one of the first fundraisers of the year will help them get more buyers. It’s also the holiday season when people are in the gift-giving mood and feeling charitable, making it more likely they’ll want to give to your cause. Whereas in spring, the school year is winding down and you’re getting ready for summer. But there are many reasons why you should be taking advantage of this lull and booking a fundraiser. We here at the Butter Braid® brand have put together a list of 4 reasons why spring is the perfect time for your group to run a fundraiser.

1. Better weather

Most fundraisers involve participants (along with an adult and never alone) going door-to-door to sell as it’s one of the best ways to ensure a sale. Spring is the perfect time for such a fundraiser as the weather is often warmer and drier than in the fall. Better weather means more students will participate, and they’ll be more likely to interact with more potential buyers.

2. Less competition

As we’ve previously mentioned, a majority of fundraising happens in the fall. This means spring fundraisers will have less competition. This will allow your group to reach more buyers and make more sales.

3. Seasonal clubs and events

The school year may be coming to an end in spring, but schools and clubs still have a lot of expenses. Spring sports teams need money for competitions and new uniforms. End-of-year events such as graduation and prom need funds for venues, decorations, and more. A spring fundraiser is the perfect way to help cover these expenses.

4. More discretionary income

Once the holidays have come to an end, people are able to recover from all the expenses of the season. And there are no big shopping holidays in the spring, so people generally have more money to give toward your cause.

A spring fundraiser may be just the thing your group or organization needs. If you are having problems meeting fall goals because of competition from other fundraisers, consider having a spring one instead or run during both seasons to maximize your fundraising opportunities. And if you want to guarantee that your next fundraiser will be a success, choose a Butter Braid Pastry fundraiser. You’ll have a great experience selling with our simple program and high-quality products. After all, everyone loves our pastries – no matter what season it is.

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