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5 Reasons Why Butter Braid® Pastries Make the Best Gifts

Whether it be Christmas or a birthday, everyone loves getting gifts. Are you having trouble deciding what to get your loved ones this year? Do you need help coming up with the perfect gift? Well, we are at the Butter Braid® brand here to tell you exactly why you should give your family one of our delicious Butter Braid Pastries as a gift.

1. All the proceeds go toward helping your community

With a Butter Braid Pastry, you aren’t just buying your loved one a gift. You’re also giving a gift to the people in your neighborhood. People use our fundraisers to help raise money for non-profits, community organizations, kids’ clubs, and local schools. When you gift one of our pastries, your friends and family get a delicious treat and a warm feeling inside knowing that their gift also helped someone else.

2. Everyone needs to eat

If you don’t know what to get someone, you can never go wrong with food. Good food, dessert especially, is universally loved. Whether you’re looking to get something for the poor college student in your life or you want to please a doting grandmother, Butter Braid Pastries will be a delightful gift for everyone. After all, nothing is better than coming home from a long day, eating a great pastry, and relaxing.

3. There’s a flavor for everyone!

We’ve already established that everyone loves food, but not everyone is in love with the same flavors and textures. Thankfully, that isn’t a problem with Butter Braid Pastries. We have 9 flavors of braided pastries including Apple, Bavarian Crème, Blueberry & Cream Cheese, Cherry, Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, Four Cheese & Herb, Raspberry, and Strawberry & Cream Cheese. We also have Pastry Rolls in Cinnamon and Caramel flavors. In 2022, we added the Cinnamon Braided Pastry Ring made its appearance in our product line-up! Make your gift personal and delicious by giving your family their favorite flavor this year.

4. We do all the hard work

People love food, many really enjoy baking, but no one enjoys cleaning up. Doing dishes is one of those chores that people will do anything to avoid. When you give someone a Butter Braid Pastry, you aren’t also giving them more work. We do all the hard stuff here: we mix all the ingredients, make the dough, braid the pastry, and package it. And, yes, we also do the cleaning. All your friends have to do is let the pastry rise, put it on one pan, and cook it in the oven. No muss, no fuss. Simple and delicious is how we like things around here.

5. You’ll probably get to eat some too!

Food has the power to bring everyone together. When people bake, they want to share what they made with the people they love. Since you gave them such a wonderful gift, they will want to make sure you also get a piece. Our braided pastries serve up to 11 people, so there’s plenty of good to go around. And the more pastries you give, the more pastries you’ll get to try!

Gift giving isn’t easy. You want to get the people you care about something they’ll enjoy and something that won’t break the bank. Butter Braid Pastries check both those boxes. You may be unsure about giving food as a gift – wouldn’t someone rather have a toy or a new shirt? Maybe, but you’re not just giving them food. When you give someone food, you’re also giving them your heart. That’s a gift that anyone would consider truly special.

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