Bavarian Crème is Back!

Bavarian Crème is Back!

on November 6, 2019

Customers have begged us to bring it back; they’ve pleaded for its return. Well, this season, their pleas have been answered.

The Bavarian Crème Butter Braid® pastry is making a comeback this fall! With delectable fudge icing and sweet vanilla filling, it’s a pastry lover’s dream. This French-inspired delicacy leaves everyone who tastes it wanting more.

Bavarian Crème was retired in 2013, but everyone loved it too much to let it go. With flavors this good, it belongs in the Butter Braid® pastry line-up. You all thought so too. So, we’re thrilled to be pulling this flavor from the vault for relaunch in Fall 2019.

See if you can get a Bavarian Crème Butter Braid® pastry from a local fundraiser today. Get a treat for yourself or for your whole family, and, by doing so, you’ll be supporting a great cause. Keep “Sharing the Good!”

About the Bavarian Crème Pastry

You can skip a trip to the bakery with this Bavarian Crème pastry inspired by the classic French dessert. Layers upon layers of buttery dough filled with a sweet vanilla custard and topped with chocolate fudge icing. A delicious treat perfect for any time of the day!

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Want to try one for yourself?
Find your local dealer and they can point you to a fundraiser in your area.

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