Picture of 6 pastry packages, each a different flavor. Packaging is from pre-2019. Taken by Mommies with Cents.

Mommies with Cents: Butter Braid® Pastries Review

by Mommies with Cents

I made this awesome pastry the other day and asked my hubby what he thought of it. He replied “haven’t you had one of those before?” The pastry was a Butter Braid® Pastry, a hand-braided pastry filled with fruit and cream fillings. Since 1991, Butter Braid Fundraising has helped moms, volunteers, and nonprofit groups raise over $200 million to better kids, schools, and communities! Apparently some of that fundraising had gone to support something in my husband’s past but not my own. Boy, was I missing out but not just on the funds — the pastry is delicious!

Butter Braid Pastries comes frozen solid and you’ll need to plan ahead a little to enjoy it. That’s because the dough has to thaw and rise and it takes 8-10 hours. It’s completely worth it! If you want a breakfast pastry just set it out on a pan covered loosely with plastic wrap. If you’d rather have it as an after dinner treat, just set it out in the morning!

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