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Dealership Spotlight: Rite Bite Fundraising

The dealership we’re featuring this month is one of our largest, Rite Bite Fundraising. They’ve been with the Butter Braid® brand for two decades, but their connection to the brand started long before that. From the very beginning, Rite Bite Fundraising has gone the extra mile to make the groups they serve feel like part of their family.


Leann Schambach knew about Butter Braid Pastries from the very beginning. Leann is the sister of Ken Banwart; Ken and his wife, Marlene, are the founders of the Butter Braid brand. When Ken and Marlene first created the product, Leann and her husband had owned a floral shop for over 30 years, so they knew the ins and outs of running their own business. As time went on, the Schambach family became more and more interested in the idea of becoming part of the Butter Braid brand. This was especially true for one of Leann’s sons, BJ Schambach. BJ was going to school and trying to decide on a career path. That’s when Leann suggested he consider starting his own fundraising dealership. Leann and BJ looked into the opportunity and knew it was too good to pass up. BJ and Leann started Rite Bite Fundraising in 2000. Shortly after, Leann’s other son, Lynwood Schambach, would join his family in the business.

Changes to the Dealership

Rite Bite Fundraising has gone through a lot of changes in the last 20 years. When the business started, the Schambachs were working out of their home; products were stored in five chest freezers in the garage, and there were only two part-time workers. Now, Rite Bite Fundraising has three walk-in freezers, multiple trucks and trailers, and eight full-time employees. The Schambachs went from house freezers to renting freezer box trucks and freezer space at a local ice cream manufacturer. After they outgrew that space, they rented a semi-trailer and parked it in a rented dock space. Finally, they moved to their current location in Elburn, Illinois with walk-in freezers, a loading dock, and office space all in one location.

Fundraising Groups

Since the Butter Braid brand is so much a part of the Schambach family, they always make sure to treat their groups like family. Like any family, they do whatever they can to see that their groups do the best they can to reach their goals. BJ, Lynwood, Leann, and their team strive for customer satisfaction, and they always go above and beyond for each one of their groups. That’s how they’ve helped so many great causes raise over $15 million.

Rite Bite Fundraising’s dedication to their groups is appreciated by everyone they work with. Erin, a group leader, said, “I can’t say enough good things about Rite Bite and their team. They are friendly, kind, bend over backwards to ensure a successful fundraising event, and help correct errors without questions even when the error is your fault (the error has never been on their end)! I have been working with them for five years and every single person there has been absolutely wonderful. Thanks for making fundraising for our school so easy!”

Get Fundraising Today!

We have been very fortunate to have Rite Bite Fundraising as part of our dealership family for the last 20 years. They are a dedicated dealership who would love to have your group become a part of their fundraising family. If you are in the Northern Illinois, Northeast Iowa, or Wisconsin area, they can help make your next fundraiser the best one you’ve ever had.

And, if you are still trying to make up all the time we’ve lost due to recent world events, just remember these words from BJ Schambach, “Spring 2020 had proven to be a difficult time for many of us and, hopefully, given us some time to reflect. It has shown us that we don’t always have control of our circumstances, but we have the choice to make the best of them. Hopefully, we can look back on this time as a blessing in disguise and a reason to be thankful!”

Get connected with Rite Bite Fundraising today!

Website: https://ritebitefundraising.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiteBiteFundraising/

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