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Butter Braid® Pastry Reviews: Stories from Our Customers

The Butter Braid® brand’s mission is all about “Sharing the Good.” That’s why it’s our tagline! We’ve been sharing our products with people across the nation for over 25 years. And those people are glad we do because they want to share it too! Don’t take our word for it. Our customers will tell you themselves; they can’t get enough of Butter Braid products. Check out this list of Butter Braid Pastry customer reviews!

Butter Braid Pastry Reviews

  1. “WOW!!! Wow is not enough to describe how much I love Butter Braid Pastries. How can I find fundraisers selling these marvelous braids? I will travel. They are absolutely the best! I have to have more. Please help me find more braids!” – Alyce, Illinois

  2. “As my daughter put it, ‘This is what God must eat in Heaven.’ We purchased a couple of Butter Braid Pastries, and we could not believe how wonderful they were. My wife and I are thinking these would be great holiday gifts.” – Raymundo, Mississippi

  3. “A co-worker was selling these for her daughter’s band group, and I bought a few (7). I gave them as gifts and kept some for myself. Everyone loved these including myself and I would truly like to have some more.” – Faye, Minnesota

  4. “I remember my mom making these for me when I was growing up. I have made them for my kids, and they love them as much as I do. Thank you so much for helping to continue a family tradition.” – Season, Iowa

  5. “The smell of my pastry baking was WOW! The tender, flaky, sweet pastry is my new wow! I’m so stoked I bought them to share with my family! I will be buying more.” – Tabatha, Tennessee

  6. “I sold these for my daughter at work and they are awesome. Not only are my coworkers wanting more, but I am too. I ordered 15 of these for my home and they lasted about 2 weeks – we were making 2 a day.” – Patricia, Kentucky

  7. “I purchased this from one of our local churches; it really went way past my expectations! This was absolutely wonderful, and I will be recommending this product to all who want to participate in a fundraiser! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!” – Tiffany, Louisiana

  8. “I have never tasted anything so DELICIOUS! My husband and I ordered two Butter Braid Pastries for the first time through our nine-year-old niece, and all I can say is the pastries are unbelievable! They taste just like I baked them from scratch! I will forever continue to be a loyal customer of the Butter Braid brand, and next time my niece sells them I intend to stock up! Thank so much for such a wonderful and deliciously amazing product!” – Dorian, Colorado

  9. “This was the first fundraiser our school had done with Butter Braid Pastries. The experience was incredible! Not only was the product amazing, but the Butter Braid brand was fantastic to work with. The fundraiser went off without a hitch and we made a fabulous profit for our school!” – Beth, North Carolina

  10. “My daughter is raising money to go to New York with her middle school and we would like to sell Butter Braid Pastries. Everyone loves Butter Braid Pastries.” – Trisha, Montana

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