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Dealership Spotlight: Carolina Fundraisers

Are you ready for our first “Dealership Spotlight” of the new year? To start off 2023, we’re putting the spotlight on a dealership that goes out of its way to make each of its fundraisers as easy as possible for the group leaders it serves. Carolina Fundraisers joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising team in 2005. Since taking over in 2017, the current owners of Carolina Fundraisers have made it their mission to make fundraising an even more positive experience for group leaders. They go above and beyond by offering personalized customer service and customizable programs, so each group gets exactly what they need to be successful.


Carolina Fundraisers was opened by JC Dwiggins in 2005. When she retired, Don and Wendy Salmond decided to take over the dealership. The couple was excited for the opportunity to begin their own business venture. According to Wendy, what really drew them in was the product itself. The Salmonds were impressed by the quality and care that gets put into every Butter Braid® Pastry. From being made with 100% real butter to each being hand braided, they knew this was a quality product that could help make a big difference for fundraising groups in their area. The Salmonds officially took over Carolina Fundraisers, located in Mooresville, NC, in 2017.

Changes to the Dealership

Wendy and Don have added a few new features to the business since taking over. First, they expanded the business by adding a large, walk-in freezer. Now, Carolina Fundraisers can store even more product for the busy seasons. They also added a delivery van that’s been custom wrapped. This was to help increase product recognition when they are on the road. Wendy says it has been a great asset and has gotten a lot of attention when they’re on deliveries.

Carolina Fundraisers has also expanded the fundraising tool kit that they make available to each of their groups. It includes everything from online store instructions to order forms to information on their incentives program. Carolina Fundraisers supplies everything that group leaders need to run a successful fundraiser.

Fundraising Groups

The team at Carolina Fundraisers finds great joy in being able to help the people in their communities. Going out and meeting new groups and helping them raise funds is what makes their business so special. In fact, Wendy says one of her favorite parts of her job is having an empty freezer by December 15th. “When that freezer is empty, I know in my heart we’ve done a lot of good work for our groups and our communities that year,” Wendy explains.

Over the years, Carolina Fundraisers has helped many different groups raise funds including schools, daycares, sports teams, church groups, and so much more. Each group leader they work with is incredibly grateful for the extra time and attention the team at Carolina Fundraisers gives to their individual fundraiser. They love that Wendy, Don, and their team are so easy to reach and are always there to walk them through each and every aspect of the fundraising process.

Angela Ramsey, a group leader for a local elementary school fundraiser, raves about her experience with Carolina Fundraisers. “Carolina Fundraisers went out of their way to help us promote our Butter Braid Pastry fundraiser,” she explains. “We were provided with all the essentials, from order forms to flyers. Then, the ladies delivered freshly baked pastries to our open house, so parents could have some samples. It was a wonderful way to promote the upcoming sale! The young men who worked with our organization on delivery were personable and cordial in all our correspondence leading up to delivery day. It was a wonderful experience!”

Connect with Carolina Fundraisers Today!

All of us at the Butter Braid brand are excited to see what the future has in store for Carolina Fundraisers. Wendy, Don, and their team truly enjoy getting to be part of each fundraiser they do and love watching each of their groups succeed. They’d love to do the same for your group in 2023. If you’re in the central North Carolina or southern Virginia areas and want to run a fundraiser, give Carolina Fundraisers a call or sign up online. Let them help make this your most successful fundraising year yet with their hassle-free, customizable fundraising programs.



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