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Dealership Spotlight: Emch Fundraising

January is all about goals; it’s the time of year when people are focusing on what it is they want to achieve in the new year. So, we decided to kick of 2021 with a “Dealership Spotlight” featuring a company that is all about helping groups accomplish their goals. Emch Fundraising is a small, family-owned business that has been with the Butter Braid® brand since 2004. For almost 2 decades, they have been committed to offering exceptional yet simple fundraising programs to groups, teams, and organizations to help them reach their goals every year.


Before starting Emch Fundraising, Brandon Emch worked as a CPA, helping clients for over six years with financial and accounting matters. Then, one day, he learned about an opportunity to start a Butter Braid Fundraising dealership in the Kansas City area. His family felt that God was opening a door and leading them to start their own family business. According to Brandon, the decision to start the dealership was just one big leap of faith. The Emch family took that leap in 2004 and opened Emch Fundraising in Bucyrus, Kansas.

Changes to the Dealership

It has been a fun and interesting 16-year journey for Brandon and his family. The business has done a lot of growing over the years, so it can continue to provide excellent service to every fundraising organization it helps.

Freezer storage is an essential part of a business when you store, handle, and deliver delicious frozen pastries. Previously, Emch Fundraising has transitioned through four different cold storage solutions. Each time, they experienced various degrees of improvement to their setup. However, none of those locations could compare to their current one. Now, Emch Fundraising has a walk-in freezer that can hold 17-18 pallets of product and leaves some elbow room. The warehouse space enables orders to be pre-sorted prior to delivery which is a service their groups really appreciate. This current setup helps the business run more efficiently, so the team can spend more time focusing on helping his groups achieve their fundraising goals.

In 2019, the Emch family added a new member to their team. Greg Hamm joined Emch Fundraising in the fall of that year. He has been a great asset to the business, helping Brandon in the areas of sales, services, operations, and delivery.

Fundraising Groups

For Brandon, Greg, and the rest of the Emch Fundraising family, owning the dealership has been a wonderful opportunity. They’ve enjoyed helping people, schools, and organizations reach their fundraising goals, and they love offering the best fundraising product on the planet: Butter Braid Pastries.

Emch Fundraising has helped many groups accomplish their goals. Brandon says his business will help anyone raise money for anything; it doesn’t matter if they are a group of 1 or a group of 500. No dream is out of reach for Emch Fundraising, and that belief is how the dealership has helped raise over $1.5 million for their fundraising groups.

Their personal, hands-on, competent, and friendly customer service keeps groups coming back to them year after year. Teachers, group leaders, and customers rave about their experience with Emch Fundraising. “Our American Heritage Girls Troop has done a Butter Braid Fundraiser with Emch Fundraising for the last 5 years,” explains Kathy, a local group leader. “We have always found them to be very helpful and easy to work with, and the product is first rate. It’s easily one of our most popular fundraisers each and every year.”

Fundraising Stories

With over 16 years in the business, Emch Fundraising has had the opportunity to work with plenty of fundraising groups; these groups vary in size, age range, financial situations, and goals for their fundraiser. According to Brandon, the most memorable of all the groups he’s worked with are those who are looking to help individuals that are navigating personal difficulties.

Brandon fondly remembers one group of friends that fundraised with him. They were rallying around a loved one who had been diagnosed with cancer. This group wanted to raise money to help pay for their friend’s travel expenses and hotel costs because they were making multiple trips to Chicago for specialized treatment. For Brandon and his team, this was a very heartwarming experience that he loves to look back on.

It’s been a pleasure to have Emch Fundraising as part of the Butter Braid Fundraising team for the last 16 years. For Emch Fundraising, those years have just flown by. Brandon says it’s been a pleasure for him to help organizations and young kids reach their goals, and it’s been a blessing to work alongside his wife and growing family. And, despite the tough climate of 2020, Brandon says the Lord has been gracious to the Emchs, and they continue to look forward to serving your group and helping you reach your goals.

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