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Dealership Spotlight: Desert Flower Fundraising

November has arrived which means the season of giving is officially upon us. Not only has this month brought with it Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and Giving Tuesday, it has also brought with it a new “Dealership Spotlight” post. For November, we’re featuring another newcomer to the Butter Braid® Fundraising team. Desert Flower Fundraising, owned and operated by Amanda Breuer, is a dealership driven by dedication and compassion. Since starting her dealership in 2022, Amanda has been channeling her passion for helping others into developing her fundraising programs and building a legacy of giving.


Desert Flower Fundraising’s story actually started back in 2003 as the story of Zia Fundraising. For almost two decades, Zia Fundraising and its owner, Don Breuer, devoted itself to helping local New Mexico groups raise money for different activities, charities, and other causes. As you probably already guessed, Don was Amanda’s father. Amanda always looked up to her father and admired his giving spirit and the compassion and care he showed to the people around him. Unfortunately, in March 2022, Don passed away. This was a great loss to his family and his community.

To keep his memory alive and continue his legacy of giving, Amanda took over the dealership and its territory later in 2022. Amanda is excited and eager to continue down the path Don started on so many years ago.

What are Amanda’s Plans for Desert Flower Fundraising?

Amanda’s unique perspective as a young, talented, tech-savvy entrepreneur means she is bringing a lot of innovation to her fundraising dealership. Her grasp of technology and social media marketing, combined with her love for traditional word-of-mouth marketing, ensures that she can get information about her new business and all the good it can do to the greatest number of people.

Furthermore, she plans on providing simple, personalized programs to all her groups, “When you combine easy-to-run fundraising programs with great customer service and a unique, delicious product, you have everything you need to provide your groups with the best experience they could possibly have,” Amanda explains. In the end, that’s what her plan for Desert Flower Fundraising comes to…building up her dealership, so she can offer her groups everything they need to go above and beyond their goals.

Fundraising Groups

For Amanda, the most rewarding part of being a fundraising dealership owner is making a difference in people’s lives. Whether that difference is a massive transformation or a small, impactful change, Amanda just appreciates the opportunity to be part of it. “Fundraising helps so many people,” Amanda says. “It helps them save money or raise money for great causes and knowing that makes it all worth it.” She also loves hearing how much people love the Butter Braid® Pastries. Hearing people rant and rave about the product she offers through her fundraisers brings her so much joy, and she’s glad to be able to offer her groups and their supporters such a quality product.

In just under a year, Desert Flower Fundraising has raised nearly $100,000 for its groups. These funds have contributed to many essential causes like preschool maintenance, cheerleading competitions, gymnastics uniforms, band costs, child development, Sunday school supplies, and much more.

What Amanda Wants You to Know

Amanda’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. According to her, “The most challenging part of all of this has been adjusting to being an owner of a business. I never thought I’d be blessed with the opportunity to work for myself and build success with others.” With these challenges in mind, Amanda says her advice to others is to be open to all possibilities in life because life is constantly changing and anything can happen. “Dream big and work hard! Good things will follow when you do,” Amanda says. “It happened to me. I love meeting new people from all walks of life and hope to continue down this path for so many years to come, just as my father did.”

Connect with Desert Flower Fundraising Today!

Everyone on the Butter Braid® Fundraising team is glad to have Amanda and Desert Flower Fundraising as part of our ever-growing network of amazing fundraising dealerships. Amanda is bright, driven, and excited for her opportunity to “Share the Good” and make a difference in her community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her business. If you are in the New Mexico area and looking to run a fundraiser, give Desert Flower Fundraising a call or sign up online! When you do, you’ll be getting the unwavering support of a partner who is genuinely committed to making a difference in your life.




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