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10 Ways Fundraising Enriches Kids’ Lives

When you host a fundraiser, you are doing more than organizing an event or raising money. You are improving the skills and education of children in your community. As a fundraising coordinator, you are enriching kids’ lives, often in more ways than you will ever know. How? Well, how about you let 15-year-old Maya tell you about her experience with fundraising and what it meant to her.

“My parents couldn’t afford our class’ [field] trip, so I wasn’t going to get to go. Then, I heard about an opportunity that would help me change that. I had the chance to fundraise!” Because of a school fundraiser, Maya was able to join her music class on their visit to Nashville, Tennessee. She got the chance to have an incredible, new experience that she otherwise would’ve missed out on.

Fundraising offers so many benefits for the people who participate. Here are 10 ways that fundraising enriches the lives of kids.

Fundraising allows students to:

  1. Work for something they are passionate about
  2. Set and achieve goals
  3. Improve their teamwork
  4. Understand the importance of monetary responsibility
  5. Create good time-management habits
  6. Develop project planning skills
  7. Enhance interpersonal communication
  8. Provide customer service
  9. Handle objections, questions, and rejection
  10. Establish business ethics

There are so many great reasons to host a fundraiser, and the positive impact it has on the children in your school or group is one of them. Fundraisers allow students to learn valuable lessons and improve important life skills. So, if you’re thinking of hosting a fundraiser, pick one that will help you raise the money you need while changing the lives of your kids for the better.

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