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Dealership Spotlight: Peaceful Fundraising

It’s a new month and with a new month comes a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature. For September 2023, we’re excited to be putting the spotlight on Peaceful Fundraising, a dealership that joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising team in 2010. For the owner of Peaceful Fundraising, there’s nothing more important than the relationships she builds every day with group leaders and fellow dealers. It’s those relationships that drive her unwavering commitment to “Share the Good” and spread positivity everywhere she goes.


Beth VanDyke learned about Butter Braid Pastries and the fundraising industry at a very young age due to her family’s long history with the product. You see, Beth is the niece of Al and Mary Hooyman as well as Doris Sinnema. These names all probably sound a little familiar to long-time fans of the Butter Braid brand. Al and Mary Hooyman are co-owners of Integrity Fundraising and Doris was one of the founders of Success N Fundraising. Her whole life Beth got to see her relatives grow successful businesses while helping people in their communities.

This type of business really appealed to Beth. She’s always been a happy, positive, people person, so the opportunity to be around others and do good work was one that she didn’t want to pass on. Plus, owning a dealership would also mean she’d get to set her own schedule and embrace work-life balance, so there would be no need to sacrifice time with her family. After considering all her options, Beth decided she was ready to follow in her family’s footsteps and open her own dealership. Peaceful Fundraising opened its doors in Plainwell, MI in March 2010.

You may wonder how Beth decided on the name “Peaceful Fundraising”. As you may have guessed, Beth is very close to her family; they’re the ones she can always rely on, and they’ve done so much to make her the person she is today. So, when it came time to name her dealership, she wanted the name to connect back to them. Her parents own a dairy farm which is called “Peaceful Road Farms”. Her dad and her uncle named it after the place they grew up in: Peaceful Valley. Beth wanted to keep that tradition going with her own business, so “Peaceful Fundraising” just seemed right.

Changes to the Dealership

Peaceful Fundraising has undergone many significant changes since its founding. Last fall, Peaceful Fundraising took a big step forward in its operations when Beth acquired another nearby dealership: Premier Fundraising. This expanded Peaceful Fundraising’s territory and unlocked a world of new possibilities. The expansion also brought with it additional freezer storage which alleviated several of the dealership’s logistical challenges and ensured smoother operations as the dealership continues to grow and thrive.

Just this last month, Beth made a very exciting addition to her dealership; she hired her first part-time worker to assist her for the season. This is a brand-new experience for her. In the past, she’s mostly been a one-woman operation and was occasionally assisted by her parents. Beth is so excited for this opportunity to share her business with even more people, especially because this new hire is a cousin. So, Beth now has the chance to share the business her family has been part of for so long with another member of her extended family.

Fundraising Groups

For Beth, the most rewarding part of her job has been the multitude of relationships she’s built with group leaders over the years. These relationships are ones that continue long after a fundraiser has ended, evolving into cherished friendships that are still going strong to this day. As an example, Beth spoke about a woman in the insurance business that drives all over Michigan, from Lansing to Grand Rapids, just to deliver product to her supporters. Beth says this woman embodies the spirit of appreciation and kindness to everyone she meets, and this includes Beth and her family. “Every time she comes by to pick up product, she always has a little something for my kids. And, if she doesn’t bring something with her, she finds other ways to spoil them. She’s just so thoughtful and kind,” Beth explains.

This is just one of many valuable relationships Beth has developed through her time in the fundraising industry. In her over 13 years of service, she has worked with cheer squads, sports teams, mission groups, schools, bands, choirs, and more to help them achieve their goals. With the help of Peaceful Fundraising, groups across Michigan have been able to raise funds for so many wonderful causes.

Group leaders really appreciate Beth’s devotion to their causes and the positive and personalized service she brings to each fundraiser. Natalie D., a Michigan group leader, wrote, “I want to thank you for your amazing service and products! You know how to run a business and help groups make money. I was absolutely impressed with your professionalism and the process in general. It was easy, it made lots of money, and calculating what we needed was a breeze. Also, having the students and parents try the product was an awesome idea. We definitely intend to conduct another fundraiser again with you next year.”

What Beth Wants You to Know

If there’s any advice Beth could give to people who want to start their own business, it would be to form relationships with encouraging people who will be there to support you no matter what. “Relationships are priceless,” Beth says. “When you’re on the road or troubleshooting an issue or just having a bad day, being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who can sympathize or help is vital. I’m so blessed to have an amazing network of people behind me. If I ever need help, I know I can call them, and they’ll always be there to listen.”

Connect with Peaceful Fundraising Today!

It’s been an absolute joy to have Peaceful Fundraising as part of the Butter Braid Fundraising team these last 13 years. Beth VanDyke is a kind and outgoing person who truly appreciates every single person she has the opportunity to work with. If you’re a group in Michigan that’s looking to run a fundraiser, give Peaceful Fundraising a call or sign up online today. When you work with Beth VanDyke, you’re doing much more than partnering with a fundraising dealership, you’re gaining a valuable relationship with someone who is dedicated to your success.



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