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Everything Mommyhood: Butter Braid® Pastry Review

by Everything Mommyhood

Last month I was contacted by Butter Braid® brand, and I had heard of them before as they are a sweet and simple fundraiser that I know a lot of people love. Who can turn down yummy fresh baked pastries straight from the oven? Personally, I know my family couldn’t, so that’s why I said yes when they offered to send me their most popular flavors. Serving my family a yummy dessert after a home cooked meal is the best and I love that these are cooked at home to give that fresh baked at home taste. People will think you baked from scratch.

The one-and only Butter Braid Pastry is hand-braided and filled with delicious fruit and cream fillings. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for anything cream cheese and I LOVE strawberries, so naturally the first one we chose to eat was the Strawberry and Cream Cheese Butter Braid Pastry. My fiancé and our four girls both love strawberry and cream cheese too, so I was excited for them all to try it.

They’re super easy to make too and don’t require a lot of effort, but they do require patience! For me the best time to set them out is around 8am-10am in the morning and by the time 6pm-7pm rolls around it’s ready to bake!

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