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Dealership Spotlight: EZ Dough Fundraising

It is time for our last “Dealership Spotlight” of the year. As 2023 comes to a close, we’re celebrating more than just the holidays or the start of a new year. We’re celebrating the journey, achievements, and unwavering commitment of a dealership that, in its over 10 years of business, has never missed an opportunity to give back. EZ Dough Fundraising has been making a difference in the heart of California since it joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising team in 2010. Founded by Johanna Caviezel, EZ Dough Fundraising has become a beacon of support in its community of Oxnard. EZ Dough Fundraising is a dealership that embraces the true meaning of the holidays, sharing joy, warmth, and care with each group it partners with all year long.


In 2009, Johanna Caviezel was looking to make some changes to her career. She wanted to find a job that would give her financial independence and a healthy work-life balance. The decision to enter the fundraising industry happened after Johanna was introduced to Butter Braid Pastries and their fundraising program. She was impressed by the quality of the product and saw a real need for easy-to-run fundraisers like this in her community. In January 2010, Johanna took the entrepreneurial plunge and established EZ Dough Fundraising in her community of Oxnard, CA.

Changes to the Dealership

When Johanna started her dealership, Butter Braid Pastries had not yet become a household name in her community as it had in so many others across the nation. However, Johanna’s dedication and commitment to “Sharing the Good” about these delicious pastries and their hassle-free programs would quickly change this. Over the years, EZ Dough Fundraising and Butter Braid Pastries have evolved into a recognized name on the South Coast of California. Through strategic marketing, personalized engagement, and an unwavering belief in the product’s quality, EZ Dough Fundraising has become the go-to source for delicious products and a reliable fundraising partner for schools and organizations in its community.

Fundraising Groups

For Johanna, the most rewarding part of running EZ Dough Fundraising is getting to witness the sense of accomplishment among the sellers after a fundraiser has ended. The excitement and joy that radiates from them are what makes her job truly enjoyable. Johanna also finds joy in the positive feedback from happy parents. They not only appreciate the deliciousness of the pastries but also commend the seamless fundraising process. It’s these life-long relationships with group leaders, sellers, and parents that has meant the world to Johanna. “After these many years trying to be a good brand ambassador, I have met a lot of amazing people, become affiliated with great schools and programs, and even seen some students return to work with me as teachers and coaches,” Johanna explains.

All these success stories stand as a testament to the impact of EZ Dough Fundraising on the community. And there have been many success stories. Since 2010, the dealership has partnered with groups to raise money for FFA trips, science camps, band uniforms, choir trips, classroom supplies, graduations, animal care and exhibitions, and so much more.

Connect with EZ Dough Fundraising Today!

Johanna is excited to continue “Sharing the Good” and supporting her community through EZ Dough Fundraising. Her dedication to each group she works with and her passion for the business is why so many groups love to partner with her year after year. For everyone at the Butter Braid brand, it has been a privilege to work with such a committed, giving, warm person like Johanna for all these years, and we hope you get the chance to experience working with her, too. If you’re a group on the South Coast of California and in need of a fundraiser, give EZ Dough Fundraising a call or signup online today! It’ll be the easiest, most enjoyable fundraiser you ever do.

Website: https://ezdco.com/

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