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How Kids Benefit from Fundraising

Most people know how fundraising benefits their local schools, clubs, and organizations –  from paying for sports equipment, to providing more after school care options, to supporting vital community programs. But there are other benefits to fundraising you may not have known. Fundraising provides multiple learning opportunities for the kids who participate. Talking with potential customers, handling money, managing orders, and working with others will help kids develop new and important skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.

Customer Service Skills

Students gain valuable leadership and communication tools when selling products for fundraisers. Selling teaches kids how to think through the sales process. They learn the importance of eye contact, using clear and concise language, and maintaining a positive attitude. These skills will help propel them forward in academic competitions, college interviews, and the job market.

Goal Setting

Fundraising also teaches children how to set goals. It teaches them the power of choice: when to sell, how much to sell, who to sell to, and who to work with. Once they make those decisions, they can set appropriate goals to match their plan. Kids will also learn how to set group goals and how working together can help their community.


To make a fundraiser successful, everyone has to work together. Kids work with each other, parents, teachers, group leaders, and members of the community to reach their goals. When collaborating with others, kids learn to compromise and share ideas which will help them flourish in team-oriented environments.

Community Value

Finally, fundraising shows students how important their community is. Members of the community are the ones that step up and support local groups when they need it, like by purchasing from a fundraiser. Likewise, communities depend on support from families and students to maintain parks, shelters, recreational programs, and businesses. Through fundraising, students learn that the school is just one part of the community, and that everyone can benefit when people come together to help one another.

Fundraising offers plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and grow. They get to expand their communication skills, understand the importance of setting goals, and learn how to work together with many different people. And, even more importantly, they get to see how their actions not only benefit themselves but the community. So, during your next fundraiser, take the time to communicate these possibilities to the parents in your group. You just might get a few more people excited to fundraise.

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