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Dealership Spotlight: Bluebonnet Fundraising

In this month’s “Dealership Spotlight”, we’re thrilled to feature a dealership with years of experience and service which they use to help groups meet their fundraising goals. Bluebonnet Fundraising has been making a significant impact on the groups in its communities since its start in 2003. Vanessa Bingham, the inspiring owner of Bluebonnet Fundraising, is incredibly passionate about the work she does. Every day, she strives to provide excellent customer service to each of her groups while also making her programs the easiest ones they’ll ever do.


Vanessa Bingham spent many years as a computer programmer. It was a career she greatly enjoyed and had a lot of talent for. However, in the early 2000s, jobs that fit her specific skill set were hard to come by. Vanessa was eagerly searching for a job that would give her flexibility; she needed something that would allow her to work from home while taking care of her young children. Eventually, she discovered Butter Braid® Pastries and the network of dealerships that sell them. It was exactly what she was looking for: a job with flexible hours that would allow her to support her family and make a difference in her community.

In 2003, Vanessa’s journey with the Butter Braid brand official began. Bluebonnet Fundraising opened its doors that year in Arlington, TX.

Changes to the Dealership

Throughout the years, Bluebonnet Fundraising has undergone some significant changes to streamline its operations and enhance the fundraising experience for its customers. Vanessa specifically recalls the game-changing moment when she introduced a Zebra label maker to her processes. “I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner,” she says. “It has made the sorting and packaging process so much easier.”

Another breakthrough change in her packing and delivery process was the decision to pre-sort orders at Bluebonnet Fundraising’s cold storage facility, eliminating the difficult task of transporting and sorting items at her home. These small adjustments not only increased efficiency but also freed up Vanessa’s time, so she can put even more of her focus on helping her groups.

Fundraising Groups

For Vanessa, the most rewarding part of her job is witnessing the satisfaction and joy on her groups’ faces when they go above and beyond the goals they set for their fundraiser. “At Bluebonnet Fundraising, we truly treasure each one of our groups and are grateful for the opportunity to serve them. That moment when they see all their hard work has paid off…there’s nothing like it,” Vanessa explains.

Over the years, Bluebonnet Fundraising has helped many groups successfully complete their fundraisers. From choirs, bands, scout troops, sorority groups, schools, youth groups, sports teams, clubs, and more, this dealership’s impact has been far-reaching and diverse. That far reach and devotion to its groups is how Bluebonnet Fundraising has helped groups raise over $4 million.

This success is a testament to Vanessa’s unwavering dedication and the exceptional support she provides for her customers. You don’t have to just take our word for it, though. Group leaders rave about their experience with Bluebonnet Fundraising. Heather explains, “Vanessa at Bluebonnet Fundraising is the BEST! She is extremely efficient, making the fundraising experience a positive one for teachers and students alike…Vanessa has streamlined the entire process for busy teachers.” Kathy says that Bluebonnet Fundraising’s customer service is like no other, “Love Bluebonnet Fundraising! Our annual Butter Braid Fundraiser is always a success. Vanessa is the greatest and is always a phone call or email away. She delivers the product punctually and is a joy to work with.”

Connect with Bluebonnet Fundraising Today!

Bluebonnet Fundraising has truly made a mark in the fundraising community, and the Butter Braid brand is so grateful to have this dealership as part of our fundraising team. Vanessa’s commitment to helping groups achieve their dreams and go above and beyond their goals is inspiring. Please join us in celebrating their many years of achievement as we also look forward to witnessing their continued growth and impact for years to come. If you’re a group in Tarrant County in Texas and want to run a fundraiser, give Bluebonnet Fundraising a call or signup online today! Vanessa will set you up with an easy fundraising program that your group members and supporters will ask for again and again.




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