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Dealership Spotlight: Oak Tree Fundraising

Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature is here for you to enjoy. This April, we’re introducing you to Oak Tree Fundraising. Oak Tree Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising family all the way back in 1998, and it has been a valued part of the Oregon community ever since. That’s because the owners of Oak Tree Fundraising have always made it their mission to keep their team’s focus on the people they serve. For this dealership, there’s nothing more important than “Sharing the Good” and helping groups go above and beyond their fundraising goals.


Oak Tree Fundraising first opened its doors 25 years ago. Though, it went by a different name at the time. In fact, the dealership wouldn’t get the name “Oak Tree Fundraising” until 2014 when it was taken over by Josh and Tresa Hansen.

In 2019, the Hansens were running two businesses, and they were becoming too busy to devote the time and attention they wanted to both. The couple didn’t want to sell Oak Tree Fundraising, but they knew it was the best choice for their family and for the business. When it came time to find new owners, Josh and Tresa wanted the dealership to go to someone who could give it their full attention, someone who was passionate about helping others, and someone who would do a lot of good for the groups they work with.

That’s where Evan and Emily Schmidgall came in. Evan was a sales rep for an HVAC company, and Emily had been an x-ray technician before becoming a stay-at-home mom to the couple’s four children. The Schmidgall family had recently moved to Oregon and was going to the same church as the Hansens. That’s when they learned the Hansens were selling Oak Tree Fundraising.

Evan had always dreamed of owning his own company; he loved working with people in his community, and he was looking for a career that would get his family involved and give him the flexibility to spend time with his loved ones. Oak Tree Fundraising checked all the boxes for Evan, and Evan checked all the boxes for Josh and Tresa. In fall 2019, Evan began working for Josh and Tresa with the intention to purchase the dealership from them in the future. Evan and Emily would become the official owners of the Silverton, OR dealership in spring 2020.

Changes to the Dealership

Evan and Emily have been working to expand the Oregon dealership since they took over three years ago. This year, Oak Tree Fundraising began hiring part-time employees to help support the business. Phil Teubel and Elsie Sinn are the delivery specialists and sample product when needed. Johanna Deitrich and Nikki McClain are the bakers, who also help with sampling, and Erin Dettwyler is an office administrator working alongside Emily. Evan and Emily are so grateful to have this amazing group of individuals working on their team, and they are especially happy that Oak Tree Fundraising is able to support even more local families through these employment opportunities.

They also added an online store feature for groups to use when fundraising. This new option allows sellers to promote their own, personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet. As a bonus, all deliveries are prepacked and organized by seller to keep the fundraising process as easy as possible.

They’ve added a few secondary product lines to their fundraising programs over the years as well, including products from a local, Oregon-based company. Just like Josh and Tresa, Evan and Emily are proud of their state and their region. The West Coast and Oregon have been so welcoming to them, and the couple is always looking for more ways to support local businesses and groups through their fundraisers.

Fundraising Groups

Evan and Emily love going out into their territory, meeting all the amazing groups, and helping them make their dreams a reality. Evan says there is no better feeling than hearing groups rave about the products they offer and say how easy and enjoyable it was to partner with them. Seeing their groups’ happy and satisfied faces at the end of a great fundraiser is what drives them and their team to keep making Oak Tree Fundraising even better.

Since the Schmidgalls took over, they have helped groups raise money for a variety of great causes. This includes class trips, uniforms, sport equipment, music equipment, school updates, playground upgrades, and more. Over the years, Oak Tree Fundraising has helped Oregon groups raise over $1 million.

The “Oak Tree Fundraising” Mission

When you talk with Evan, it’s obvious how passionate he is about his business, his team, and his community. When he took over the dealership with Emily, he made his passion for helping others a central part of his company’s mission. Evan says that Oak Tree Fundraising is all about the people the dealership is helping. That’s why he always does his best to keep his focus on them, and he encourages every member of his team to do the same.

“I always remind myself and my team that we are just trying to help people,” Evan explains. “I often find myself focusing on business operations, providing for my family and team, and the day-to-day tasks. Those things can really get me in the weeds. It happens to all of us. Whenever it does happen, I just step back and remind myself and my team about our groups. After all, seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their joy when they meet their goals…that’s what it is really about.”

Connect with Oak Tree Fundraising Today!

The Butter Braid® brand is blessed to have such a passionate dealership on our team. Evan, Emily, and their team at Oak Tree Fundraising love the work they do, the people they help, and the community they’re part of. It’s their passion and devotion to helping others that makes them and their dealership truly one of a kind. If you’re a group in the state of Oregon and are looking to run a fundraiser, give Oak Tree Fundraising a call or signup online today! Let them help your group go above and beyond all your fundraising goals and turn your dreams into a reality.

Website: https://www.oaktreefundraising.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Butterbraidpastry

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oak.tree.fundraising/

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