The Soccer Mom Blog 10 Ways to Serve Your Community During a Crisis

The Soccer Mom Blog: 10 Ways to Help Your Community During a Crisis

by the Soccer Mom Blog

The past couple months have been an experience that has kept us all far apart physically, but in many ways has brought us closer together.

We’ve lived through a few major disasters in Houston in recent years, including Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Imelda. Both were devastating, but at the same time, it was inspiring to see our community rally to help each other rebuild.

The current pandemic is different because there are still shelter-in-place orders in many parts of the country. How do you help your neighbors and loved ones when you’re supposed to stay apart?

The good news is that it IS possible to serve your community and bring joy to your friends and family, all while practicing safe social distancing!

I put together this list to share some of the ways our family has tried to help out in our community, as well as ideas from some of my creative friends. I hope it inspires you to get involved, even from home!

1. Bake Sweet Treats for Loved Ones or Essential Workers

Nothing says “I Love You” like delicious food! That’s actually how my husband won me over — by cooking for me!

Even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen, you can still whip up a wow-worthy treat to drop off for friends and family, or even essential workers that you know.

Our family stocked up on Butter Braid® Pastries to keep in our freezer for those occasions. Just last week we baked a couple pastries for my mother-in-law (a live-in caretaker), her sister, and her patient. They’ve been cooped up at home for two months now and were delighted when we made them a sweet surprise!

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