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Dealership Spotlight: Success N Fundraising

For the first “Dealership Spotlight” of the summer, we’re introducing you to a family-owned business that goes out of its way to support local communities. Success N Fundraising is a Montana-based dealership that started fundraising with Butter Braid® Pastries in 2004. Since the beginning, the team at Success N Fundraising made it their mission to be problem-solvers. They wanted to be the ones offering the solution that people needed, so they could better serve everyone.


In 2004, Frank and Doris Sinnema were looking to make some changes regarding their careers. They were looking for an opportunity to do something different. Luckily, they were related to Al Hooyman and Keith Wagner, the co-owners of Integrity Fundraising. Al and Keith told the Sinnemas that they were looking for someone to run a fundraising dealership in their area. Frank and Doris were inspired by the Butter Braid brand’s mission of “Sharing the Good,” and they wanted to share that mission with the people of Montana. With the guidance of Al and Keith, the Sinnemas opened Success N Fundraising as a sub-dealership of Integrity Fundraising in Manhattan, Montana later that year.

Changes to the Dealership

Success N Fundraising experienced impressive growth over the first 8 years. During that time, the dealership broke off from Integrity Fundraising and became its own Butter Braid Fundraising dealership. However, Frank and Doris were wearing themselves out in order to meet all the demand. To relieve some of the workload, their son Adam and his family joined the business in 2013. Everyone now had a part to play in this family business. Over the last couple years, Adam and Kathy have has taken on more responsibilities and is now a part owner of the dealership.

The Sinnemas love getting to live and work in such a beautiful area. The territory they service is really spread out, and, over the years, they’ve acquired other nearby territories as well. This makes classic marketing techniques difficult because they can’t always physically reach out to every city or group. That’s why the company has been putting a lot of focus on social media marketing in the last few years. They’ve also been continually improving their presorting and delivery processes, especially as they add new drivers.

Recently, they added Montana Made, an online-only fundraising program with an option to ship directly to customers. To accommodate this new program, they’ve modified the business’ workspace and daily processes to ensure everything goes out efficiently. With Montana Made, the Sinnemas get to support local businesses and better serve local fundraising groups. It has provided the Sinnemas with the chance to give back and encourage entrepreneurs in their community, an opportunity the family is so grateful to have.

Fundraising Groups

The tremendous support Success N Fundraising gives to local businesses, organizations, clubs, and schools is how so many of its fundraising groups have reached their goals. This dealership has done fundraisers for schools, church groups, 4H clubs, dance and gymnastics teams, sports teams, bank employees, insurance organizations, daycares, animal rescues, volunteer fire departments, and the list goes on. After over 17 years, Success N Fundraising has helped raise over $4.6 million for local groups.

Groups are so appreciative of the support they get from Success N Fundraising. The group leaders who run with them once want to run with them over and over again because they know they will get the best fundraising experience possible. Lyn H., a local group leader, says, “This is my third year heading up this fundraiser for our school. These things sell themselves. They are amazing. Frank, Doris, and Adam are super helpful if I have any questions. They are quick to respond and always answer the phone…I wouldn’t want to do any other fundraiser. So easy, so good, and so profitable! It’s an AWESOME company!”

The Sinnemas are really touched by the response they’ve received from groups about their products and services. They are glad to have the opportunity to continue “sharing the good” and offering solutions to the people in their community who need them. Adam says, “It is a great feeling to know that we are carrying some of our group leader’s burden, and it is a joy to sense their relief when we can offer a solution to their problem.”

What They Want People to Know

The Sinnemas have done a lot for their community through Success N Fundraising. However, they don’t take credit for any of it. The Sinnema family says it is by the grace of God that they know how to serve others well, and they consider it a blessing to be able to do just that every day. Adam goes on to say that their focus on faith is why this dealership has been so successful. “If your focus is on making money, your success can only be measured one way. If your focus is on glorifying God, your success can be seen in many ways, and your peace and joy will overflow.”

We have been blessed to have Success N Fundraising as part of the Butter Braid Fundraising team for the last 17 years. Their team has been continually devoted to “sharing the good” and doing the best they can to support the people who depend on them for solutions. Those solutions have been so powerful and have done so much to make meaningful and lasting change. If you’re in the Montana area and need a fundraiser, we hope you get a chance to work with the Sinnemas and their team because when you work with Success N Fundraising, you’re guaranteed to find success in fundraising.

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