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Using Social Media to Increase Fundraising Success

People are spending more and more time online these days, checking their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on what’s going on in the world. Since social media plays such a big role in our day-to-day lives, it should also play a big role in your fundraising marketing plan. No matter what type of fundraiser you’re running, you can reach more potential customers with social media than any other form of communication. Use these tips we’ve created to utilize social media for your fundraising event.

1. Announce your fundraiser

Let people know there is a fundraiser running in the area. Be sure to answer all the big questions: Who is hosting the fundraiser? What are you selling? Where are you selling them? When is the fundraiser taking place? Why are you raising money? How can people purchase from your fundraiser? End with a call to action – let people know how they can support your cause.

2. Create a hashtag

Many groups use an original hashtag to market their fundraiser or event. It helps parents, kids, and members of the community search for information and updates on the fundraiser by looking for your specific hashtag.

3. Promote across all social networking sites

Ask parents and group members to post your message on Facebook or share an Instagram story about your fundraiser. Don’t just limit your social media marketing to one channel. By sharing information across all platforms, you can get more exposure for limited effort. Also, encourage parents and sellers to share your posts, stories, and pictures.

4. Use graphics, images, and videos to catch people’s attention

Including a colorful photo, image with details, or a fun video to personalize your fundraiser. Show your followers what you’re selling and ask them to purchase to help reach your goal. Reach out to your fundraising representative to see if they have some images or videos that will help make your posts pop!

5. Keep people updated on your progress

Post how your fundraiser is doing and how much more you need to raise in order to reach your goal. Encourage parents to post about how close their kids are to their individual fundraising goals.

6. Thank your customers

After your fundraiser has ended, be sure to post about your fundraising success. Let people know how close you came to your goal and thank your customers for supporting you and your cause. And don’t forget to post about your project once it’s completed or share pictures from your field trip. Let people see that their support really mattered and helped to make a difference for your group.

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